Everything you need to know to pass your visa interview

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You are here to crack your visa interviews, that means you have already have got admits which is excellent! So now the most significant thing left is to pass your student's visa interview! Visa interviews can be intimidating and scary, so today I am going to help you by giving you tips on how to cross the visa interviews without breaking a sweat.

Get your papers ready.

US embassy’s website states that you only need these documents with you

·         I – 20 certificate of eligibility form provides by ISSO at UCSF
·         Letter of the admission supplied by graduate division or UCSF professional school.
·         Financial support documents
·         Passport valid for a minimum of six months into the future at the time of entry.
·         From DS-160 “Nonimmigrant visa application” available at your local US embassy or consulate’s website.
·         MRV fee Machine Readable Visa, currently $160 USD
·         Receipt of payment for $200 of SEVIS fee

Dress Up

Dressing up is essential; you are going to meet somebody for less than 10 minutes. You do not want to give away a lousy clothing impression.Repeat after me, NEVER WARE FLIP FLOPS. You neither have to be too formal nor too casual. A shirt, jeans, and shoes will be just right and make you feel comfortable. Comfort again is very important. You don't want yourself to be very sweaty and nervous at the same time. You can use the amazing catch coupon code on how to coupons and avail amazing discounts on fashion.

Don’t stress about it.

You have got admission in a high University. You have made it out of hundreds of applications which had applied to that program. Be confident, know your stuff. If you are nervous, they will know, and you'll make mistakes, and you do not want to do that.

What are you going to the USA for?

I do not want to go in-depth with this question, but know what you are going for abroad. You are going to the US on an F1 visa you are not going for a JOB. You are going to study. Make them believe that you are going to do that and come back.

There have been cases where the interviewer has asked what your plans are after graduation and if you are going to give a vibe that you are going to stay forever in the US, they are not going to provide you with a visa for sure.

Financial Documents

This is a whole another separate point because; there will question asked on it. This might also be the very first question they ask you. Who is going to fund you? Where is the funding coming from? If your other family members are funding you, is there a proof that they will fund you for sure? It’s basic; they don’t want you to come to the USA and work illegally and not be sure about where the money is coming from.

Be Concise.

Okay, let me ask you a question. What are you drinking? Your answer should be I am drinking coffee. That’s it.

Well, now we know that you are ready to kill it in the visa interview! Good luck!