Tips for buying the right winter jacket for women

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Surviving winters at times takes up a lot of time and also energy in choosing the right kind of winter wear. There are many kinds of winter wear to choose from depending on the temperature of the local areas and how much one needs to be outdoors and what kind of outdoor activity one needs to be involved in.

The most chosen winter wear are jackets as they are durable and most effective in heavy winter-like conditions. However, there are many options to choose from especially while choosing winter jackets for women online from various sites. there are long knee length jackets and parkas and also small waist-length jackets and also jackets which are specifically made for certain activities like trekking, hiking, skiing, etc. there are certain things that one need to take care of while choosing the right jacket and they are discussed below.

Shell or the outer membrane

Climate is usually the major factor while choosing the shell material. If one resides in wet climatic conditions then choosing waterproof shell which is treated with durable water repellant coating is wiser. It will keep the snow melts away but always choose a breathable membrane so that the sweat does not get trapped inside. Also one should make sure that the DWR  membrane is effective or the jacket should have a hard membrane to keep the water and snow out faulty and wore out membrane can lead to witnessing in the jacket.


Insulation is the capability of the jacket to keep the chill outside and also the ability of it not to let the warmth leave. The ones who do a lot of physical activity can have a lesser insulated jacket but otherwise one should choose layered insulation especially if it's really chilly out there. One can choose from down insulation which is very warm and lightweight but can be problematic if gets wet or can choose synthetic insulation which is waterproof, cheap and is not completely unbearable if wet.


Many times people tend to ignore the hood and ruff of the jacket. If the jacket is to be worn in very chilly and windy outdoors then it always should be a highly insulated hood. This will keep the head warm and will also prevent chilly air from entering the ear and make one uncomfortable. The hood can be lined with any comfortable material like fleece, plush, etc.


There are always important things to carry while being outdoors like once wallet, mobile phones, glasses, etc. therefore it is important to have waterproof and insulated pockets so that the personal belongings can be safe. Also see if the pockets have fleece lining or any kind of insulation so that if one steps out without gloves their hand can find a warm abode in the jacket pockets.. also one should make sure that the cuffs of the jacket sleeves are tight and properly fitting, otherwise there is always a chance of heat leaving the jacket through the lose the cuffs.