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Price and costs: The purchase of a used car is more accessible because it discounts costs such as VAT and the period of use of the previous owner.

Maintenance: Once the warranty expires, you will not be forced to take it to the automotive to maintain it, which will allow you to access maintenance services with another supplier and find a better price.

Depreciation: Who bought it new absorbed the impact of the depreciation, so, if at any time you decide to sell it, the difference with respect to what you paid will not be so radical. If you bought it for $ 1,000,000 and a month you realize that you did not like it, you can probably sell it at the same value. That does not happen with new cars: once you take them out of the store, they lose a very significant proportion of their value.

Know the used car market.

The three most common places to buy a used car are the following:

Ø  Comments from friends or family
Ø  Automobile dealers
Ø  Used cars are now more reliable or safer
Ø  Classifieds of cars.

Of these 3 options, the easiest to perform is the first, since there is a relationship link between the seller and buyer. Despite this, some dealerships offer certificates that the vehicles have been carefully protected and analyzed. Car dealerships in new York can easily search from Google.

Search your car using Internet sites such as our used vehicle listings are sorted by province, city, and brand. One way to avoid wasting time when looking for a used car is to call by phone or send a message via email to the seller. Which you should ask about the mileage of the vehicle, its status or some o ther detail that you consider important when buying a car. Get more info here.

After a chat with the seller verify, asking for the patent number, if the vehicle has no outstanding debts or if they have a request to capture or report theft.

Test the vehicle before buying

90% of new cars are sold with a warranty of 3 years or approximately 50,000 km. That is, if you buy a vehicle with less than 3 years of use or less than 50,000 kilometers, it would still be under warranty. In spite of this, it is recommended to carefully read the restrictions of the manufacturer's warranty.
If you still have doubts about a certain vehicle, take it to a friendly mechanic. He can advise you if it is convenient to buy it or not.

If you decide to buy a vehicle to use several hours a day, make sure that when you sit in it you feel comfortable. Pay attention to aspects such as the interior space, the location of the commands, the comfort of the seats, the angle of visibility, etc.

One of the most important things when buying a used vehicle is the condition of the engine. It is recommended to start the engine when it is cold, there you can see how resistant it is to inclement weather. Listen carefully to every noise the engine expresses. Draw your conclusions, do not hesitate to ask questions.