How to Choose the Right Wedding Planner

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If you have just got engaged and have already started creating an image of your wedding in your mind, it must have hit you by now the tonnes of preparation and organizing needed to plan a successful wedding. If you are feeling intimidated by looking at the wedding to-do-list, we suggest it is time for you to find a wedding planner who is a professional, experienced, works in your budget and most important whose personality clicks along with you.

We have created a list of things you should consider before you finalize a wedding planner for your big day;

Do the Research:

Go online to start your search in the local listing by searching for 'party planners near me' and narrowing down a list of your favorite planners who have good reviews. Make sure to check the photos of their previous wedding assignments, the color, lighting, and decor they selected and if their style is what you are looking for. Do some deep research by visiting their blogs and social media.

Follow Up with the Top of Your List:

Call the top three or four planners you have shortlisted and, explain to them the kind of wedding you are expecting them to plan. Get a tentative budget, also check if you can afford them. If the budget suits you and you like their wedding concepts, then plan a meeting with each one of them.

Meet Up in Person and Ask Questions:

Meeting the Planner face to face is very important before hiring as you can judge them by communicating directly and decide if you like their personality and will you feel comfortable working along with them planning your wedding. You also need to discuss other important things like the various packages and services they offer and the vendors they work with. You need to make clear what your expectations are and whether their team will be able to deliver it. Additionally, ask them to show you a few photo albums of their previously executed weddings to understand their taste and if it matches with yours.

Ensure Your Personalities Click:

You are hiring a planner with whom you will be working most of the time to plan your wedding hence you need to be sure that you really like this planner and your personalities mesh or else instead of enjoying planning your wedding, you will always be under stress and discomfort.

Cautiously Read the Contract:

If you have decided to hire the planner and ready to sign the contract, do not do it blindly. Read all the terms and conditions carefully before you agree upon signing the contract. It is very critical to understand the entire services they are offering and the services for which they are charging extra to avoid last minute surprises. Also, make sure that there is a clause in the contract which says that the planner will handle any weather changes on the wedding day by keeping a backup plan ready without additional charges.

If you have any doubt about the planner, stop and rethink, take suggestions from your fiance, family, and friends because you want to be absolutely sure about hiring the person whom you plan on trusting with important decisions of the biggest day of your life.