Ways of Wearing a Pearl Jewelry on Any Occasion

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Pearls were used in jewelry since ancient times and they are considered as one of the most valuable gems. Pearls help in enhancing facial lustre and beauty of a woman and give a classy look to a woman. Pearl is the most desired piece of jewelry which can be worn in many ways. It exhibits a regal and lavish lifestyle. Proper selection of the outfit along with pearl jewelry creates wonders.

Wearing Pearls for Formal Occasions

Wear a simple pearl necklace on formal occasions keep your look simple and elegant. You can pair your pearl necklace with simple matching pearl earrings and a pearl ring. Wear your pearl jewellery with a black gown for a classy look. You can knot the bottom half of your necklace. Necklaces with multiple strands should be layered. You can twist your strands to create an additional loop. You can pair layered necklaces with a dress that is simple.

Wearing Pearls for Casual Occasions

It is true that pearls are very delicate in nature but by taking proper care you can make them your everyday wear. Pearls are considered as a good choice to pair them up with jeans or even simple T-shirt. You can wear a sweater or a blouse with pearls stitched into the fabric. On casual occasions, you can wear mix and match necklaces and pair them up with pearl bracelet to get a casual look.

Wearing Pearls for the Wedding

You can wear your mother or grandmother’s pearls on wedding occasions as this enhances the sentimental value of a pearl necklace. If you are wearing a white gown wear white pearls to complement each other.

Additional Tips for Wearing Pearls

The pearls go well with multiple colours but for perfect matching pearls are associated with black clothes. The colours like yellow, violet add beauty to a nice string of pearls.


Although pearls are considered as customary attire a woman can wear them for any occasion. So, it is very important that you do proper pairing of your outfit with your pearl jewellery to get an elegant, trendy and fashionable look.