Find the Best Zipper for Your Next Sewing Project

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Using a zipper for your sewing projects can be a bit intimidating. There are a lot of things to discover and learn about zippers that you might not be that confident when looking for one.

But, it doesn’t mean that you should completely shy away from using zippers on your next sewing project.

There are just a few basic things you have to keep in mind to ensure that you will pick a zipper that suits your needs.

Start with the Material, Colors, and Weight

Before anything else, it is a must to choose the appropriate zipper for your sewing project and this will depend on what you plan to make. A metal zipper made either from nickel or brass is ideal for jeans, while plastic zippers are great for your lightweight sweater.

A winter coat needs a stronger zipper compared to a summer dress for little girls. Zippers are available in various colors and you are free to choose from different kinds of zipper pull.

Choose the Length

You have lots of options here, too. Zipper lengths can range from 3 to 100 inches. Sizes are being measured from the top to the bottom stopper. Avoid measuring the cloth tape’s length where the zipper has been attached.

There are also zippers on a roll that you can cut according to the size needed. If unsure, it would be best to purchase a too long zipper instead of a too short one. Regular zippers can be shortened but it can be a bit harder for open end zippers.

Separating Style

Zippers come in close end or open end or separating styles. If you plan to make a jacket or coat, the zipper you need is one with a box on the other end and a pin mechanism for separating the zipper and reassembling it. If you will make a bag or install a zipper on the back of a dress or in pants, the zipper should open only at the top part.

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