Contribute to Rural Development Community

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There are thousands of people who are living in rural areas without proper facilities or even a roof over their head due to various reasons. As a part of society, we can always try to help and change things for the better. One by one, if we all come together, we can definitely make lives hopeful for the underprivileged.

Sum Drishti is a unique non-government organization with a motto of an equal vision for everyone. The main aim of our organization is to spread light in lives and take away the darkness by providing them with various opportunities.

Hope Homes is one such project with a tag line of sheltering dreams. We build eco-friendly homes in the disaster-prone areas for those who do not have a place to live. The houses we build are earthquake resistant, flood resistant, fire/bomb resistant, and wind resistant. We have partnered with Good Earth Global, a non-profit organization based in New York, USA to use the innovative and wonderful technology of eco-friendly homes.

We request to donate to rural development community to help us take forward the following initiatives along with building homes in a wider section of society.

·         Industry Skill Development

o   We collaborate with 147 industry partners, 314 small and medium enterprises develop training modules according to the requirements in the industry.
o   We have so far trained more than 43,500 youngsters in a wide spectrum of skills who are now placed in various industries across the country so that they can make a life of their own.

·         Entrepreneur Training

o   One way of reducing the migrations from rural areas to the urban and metropolitan is by training the people from the rural areas to be innovative and create a sustainable livelihood in their native land.
o   Sum Dristhi has successfully trained 1750 people through Special Entrepreneur Training Programs to help them recognize their own potential.
o   Most of our trainees are now running their small scale businesses and providing employment to others. They have not just created an identity for themselves, but are helping their fellow men do the same.

·         Women Empowerment

o   At Sum Drishti, we respect the power and strength of a woman. We aim to steer their perseverance and skills in proper direction by providing them with various working opportunities.
o   Our Legal Advocacy workshops are encouraging women to enroll in schools and create an identity for themselves.
o   We train young girls aged between 8 to 16 years in self-defense and promote Digital Literacy in 73 villages.
o   We talk about health and hygiene issues and have installed vending machines for distributing sanitary napkins in many schools along with building toilets.

Sum Drishti runs on funds from our generous contributors. We urge like-minded people to donate to rural development NGO    and become a part of our organization in providing a chance to give hope to those, who have lost all hope. As a corporate entity or an individual, you can make a difference to society.