All About Black Diamond, Black Gemstone

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Black is one of the many natural colors in which we find diamonds, the queen of precious stones. Inevitably according to the etymology, (adamas for Greeks and Latinos), diamonds have amazing characteristics: unique dispersion of light, hard structure that allows them to withstand all abrasions other than themselves, and from other traits tamed and multiplied by human hands, but also the power of seduction that captures whatever color practiced. Blackdiamond rings with black diamonds are something that must be present when we talk about rare and expensive jewelry.
Black diamond, natural gemstone

Black diamonds are natural gemstones, although they are considered natural anomalies in the diamond universe. The Portuguese in the eighteenth century baptized the black ones "Carbonados", which means to burn. Since then we have learned to appreciate them better.

To find out about the black diamond:

- The hardness:up to 10 on the scale of Mohs
- It belongs to the chemical family of crystallized carbon
- The chemical formula is C
- The density is between 3.15 and 3.48
- Black diamonds are really blurry and do not give luster or color
- Porous
- In natural conditions, it is very rare in nature, so it is very expensive

The origin of controversial black stone

Black diamonds, whose color is reminiscent of the color of hematite, mainly come from Brazil. The most beautiful stones are used in jewelry, while most of their production is used in industry. The color is because of the many inclusions contained in the gems. Originally, subject to many theories, some say that they came from supernovae. Unlike traditional diamonds, formed more than 3 billion years ago, the black stones were born 100 million to a billion years ago.

The precious gemstones

Black diamonds, which were previously rejected by jewelry, began to be appreciated in 1999, when Swiss jewelry De Grisogono placed them in fashion by creating beautiful sets consisting of black diamond sidewalks and middle stones. To note, they often appear in duets with white diamonds in a large collection of jewelry. To fulfill the demand, the black stones used are mostly the brown ones. The result is black opaque stones, and far more affordable than natural ones.

Curse of the Black Orlov

The mystery of black diamond will not be complete if it is not attached to the curse. Black Orlov or "Eye of Brahma", a 195 carat black diamond, is one of the eyes of Hindu Brahma idols in Pondicherry, India. Stolen by a rebellious monk, the diamond was condemned, and constantly provoked the death of all those who had taken it by force. The curse finally broke out in 1955, when the rock split in two and was cut back into two beautiful diamonds. In Italy, black diamond has other qualities: they will have the power to consolidate relationships in pairs. Whatever we believe, black diamonds are one of the most valuable stones in human history.
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