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The Love Affair with Shisha Pens in the UK

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Its weekend and you enter a dark lounge bar in London only to be invited by the scent of blueberries and mangos which rings heavily in the air. The famous shisha bar-cum restaurants whose business got devastated due to the smoking ban announced in 2007 are now basking in the glory of a renaissance, thanks to the launch of an innovative device called the e-shisha or the shisha pen. The owners of this above mentioned lounge bar have purchased the European and UK rights to the first e-shisha pen from the manufacturer of the device.

Tapping into the vaping trend and with the looming e-cigarette industry, such shisha pen companies are now supplying the best shisha pens to individuals and businesses all over the nation and they have high hopes that this will invigorate the scene which was once vibrant.

Potential benefits of vaping shisha pens

There is nothing new when we say that smoking tobacco is harmful for health. If you’re someone who has resolved to quit smoking this year and you’re looking into options like these shisha pens from V2 Cigs, make sure you stay aware of the health benefits before you use them.

They’re non-toxic

Shisha pens mimic smoking by creating pure, clean vapour sans carbon monoxide, toxins and tar. These are the main destructive chemicals which pose health risks for people who smoke. Combustible cigarettes create lot of toxins but shisha pens don’t do that as they don’t burn anything.

      They don’t contain nicotine

Yet another pitfall of smoking is taking in the nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive, a powerful stimulant, though not harmful alone. It is due to the nicotine that people tend to smoke more as this is the main addictive element. On the contrary, the e-liquid contained within the shisha pen doesn’t contain nicotine.

       They don’t leave second-hand smoke

Shisha pens create vapour which dissipates within few seconds. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, as they don’t release any second-hand smoke, they are also safer for people around you.

       They’re above all restrictions and bans

Due to the fact that shisha pens don’t release smoke, they don’t fall within the smoking restrictions and bans. This means that a shisha pen vaper can vape even in public places.

     They don’t have unpleasant smells

The vapour released from shisha pens doesn’t contain tar or other destructive additives and hence there is no smell that lingers on to your clothes and hair.

Shisha pens are nothing but electronic counterparts of tobacco cigarettes without the harm and the negative effects. So, if you’re a smoker who has been trying hard to quit smoking, try vaping shisha pens to gradually let go of your habit.