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What are foreign objects in our bodies?

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According to medical terminology a foreign object is any object that does not belong in the body but is present in it. These foreign objects can be inserted inside the body either intentionally or even by accident.

Many times the objects are also swallowed. It can be a big problem if these objects get lodged or stuck inside the body parts like nose, ears, airways and eyes. Most often children are known to get the foreign objects lodged in their bodies.

Common foreign objects

There are a lot of objects that can either be inserted or swallowed by people. In fact any can turn out to be a foreign object if it is put inside the human body. Commonly these objects are found lodged in the airways, stomach, nose and ears. Children have a habit of swallowing things and they might also put objects in other openings like their ears and nose. Crayon tips, food, buttons, pebbles, small batteries, small toys or their parts, pencil erasers, insects, seeds, etc. are the most common objects that get stuck in the body of children.

If an object gets stuck in the airway, then you should seek medical attention immediately. They will have best equipment from proper foreign body removal net product manufacturers and will be able to remove the object in the most efficient way possible. If the object is not removed soon, then it can affect the breathing of the person and also become life-threatening. Swallowing a battery is also an emergency situation.


The symptoms that come along with having a foreign object present in your body will mostly depend on the location of the object. But the most common of the symptoms are:
  • Pain- the discomfort may be mild or even severe.
  • Nasal drainage- sometimes nasal drainage may occur if an object is stuck in the nose.
  • Choking- when an object is stuck in the airway, choking occurs which is accompanied with coughing and wheezing.
  • Breathing problems- an object blocking the airway may also cause breathing problems.

The first step in the diagnosis of a foreign object is speaking with the individual or the family member to know exactly where the object is present and how it got there. After that a physical exam may also be performed. In some of the cases the doctor is actually able to see the object. In various cases an X-ray might also be required to know the location of the object much more appropriately.


The treatment for any such case is removing the foreign objects from the body of the individual as soon as possible. For this reason the doctors and the medical institutions have contact with good foreign body removal net product wholesalers, so that they can have the best equipment to help their patients. There are various equipment that can help remove the objects in a much simpler way.

But in some serious cases surgery might also be required.

Sometimes the doctors also have to treat the damage caused when removing the object. If a benign object it swallowed, then it is preferable to wait for it to pass in the stool. Children should be kept safe as they have the maximum risk of having a foreign object lodged in their body.