Places that shouldn’t miss in Udaipur

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A tranquil place with naturalistic surroundings in Rajasthan and mainly known as the “Romantic Gateway of India”. Udaipur seeks everyone attention to its adorable and charming attractions. The “City of Lakes” is known for beautiful palaces, historic monuments, numerous lakes, and greenery around with Aravalli ranges. Let’s know what are the places that shouldn’t miss in Udaipur.

City Palace:

A must-visit place in Udaipur on the banks of peaceful Lake Pichola. City Palace in Udaipur is a historic palace complex monument with many attractions and things. The architectural style of City Palace is adorable with the perfect blend of Chinese, European, and medieval styles. Totally, there are 11 palaces, temples, courtyards, pavilions, and gardens inside the City Palace.

Lake Pichola:

A pictorial lake in Udaipur and know for many attractions around the lake Pichola. It totally comprises five famous Islands among them, Lake Palace is very popular. This beautiful lake was surrounded with Aravalli ranges, other connective lakes, and the various Ghats with other attractions. Boat ride on Lake Pichola is the must thing to do here.

Lake Palace:

Udaipur’s major destination amid Lake Pichola and picturesque locations around. Lake Palace is a royal summer retreat at once but now it is a grandeur and royal heritage 5-star hotel in Udaipur. A large number of tourists visit Lake Palace to see the unique architectural styles and some belongings of the Royal family. In one word, a romantic destination in Udaipur.

Sajjan Garh Palace:

Sajjan Garh Palace or also known as Monsoon Palace. It is also one of the most visited places in Udaipur. Sajjan Garh Palace is located on the hilltop of Aravalli ranges and the view from the top of the Fort is so amazing with beautiful scenic views of numerous lakes and palaces. Actually, this palace was built to trace out the monsoon clouds to the Udaipur.
Sunset Spot:

Sunset Spot in Udaipur located at the Karni Mata temple in the City Palace. You can experience the last rays from the Sun with cooling breezes around you. Reaching to the spot is also a thrilling adventure; you have to go there with rope way which is another attraction.

Fateh Sagar Lake:

Fateh Sagar Lake is the second famous man-made lake in Udaipur after the Lake Pichola. This beautiful lake is on the northern side of the Lake Pichola and comprised of three main islands. Fateh Sagar Lake is famous for two greenery parks, Nehru Park, and the public park. It has also worthy of a visit.

Sheesh Mahal:

Sheesh Mahal is a defined place for royal cuisines in Udaipur. It is located near the Lake Pichola and Sheesh Mahal is an open-air restaurant with a stunning view of Lake Pichola. Mainly, this Indian restaurant is famous for dishes that are made once in the royal kitchens. If you have candlelight dinner at this open-air restaurant is so memorable.