How to Take Care of Your Hardwood Floor

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One of the main reasons why homeowners prefer hardwood floors is their durability and timeless attractiveness through the generations. Other types of flooring options aren’t so versatile and can easily look dated with the change of your taste or interior décor trends. And, yet, many people are scared of them because the installation of this type of flooring is rather expensive, besides they have a reputation of being high care and maintenance. One of the most often complaints is that the once shiny hardwood floor has become dull and dingy.
 If you are planning flooring installation, investigate how to take care of your hardwood floor properly.

- Mopping a Dirty Floor
Before using any wet mop, sweep or vacuum the floor thoroughly. Dirt and debris left on the floor will leave streaks, scratches and residue. Use a dust mop for sweeping instead of a broom to avoid scratching the surface.

- Floor cleaners
Find appropriate cleaner for the exact type of flooring you have. Follow the floor manufacturer recommendations. Besides, you don’t have to buy expensive hardwood floor cleaner for the rest of your life.

- Too much cleaner
Water’s the first thing we use to clean something. However, too much water and other liquids can seep in between boards and cause its swelling, damaging the surface Too much cleaner won’t help you get that desired shine. More soap does not equal a cleaner surface. Use cleaners and water sparingly, immediately wiping up spills away.

- Buffing
If you want your floor shine, take a few minutes to buff it dry. This trick can help restore shine to your hardwood floors. Use clean cloth diapers, microfiber cloths or flat mop to buff your floors to shine.

- Refinishing
The finish on hardwood floors is not forever. Certainly, you can take preventive measures to extend its life by following a no-shoe policy, using furniture protectors and clipping your pet nails. But even with these precautions, any type of  hardwood floor eventually needs to be refinished.

- Wax buildup
Regularly use of wax dulls the finish of your floor. You can do waxing only twice a year. Excess of waxing should be removed with a special commercial product.

-Heating season
To avoid wood shrinkage, use a humidifier to make your air at 35-50% of humidity.
Our team of House Renovations company hope, following these simple chores will keep your floor shiny.