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Tips On How To Wear A Denim Jacket Like a Celebrity

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For so many years, denim jackets are one of the staples wears in every woman’s wardrobe. Because of its relaxed and casual appeal, this piece is one of the classic ones in fashion. By 2018, denim jackets have risen in popularity.

If you want to learn a few tips and tricks to wearing a denim jacket, then you’re in the right place! A denim jacket can be a lot of things. It comes in several colors including blue, white, black and gray. Aside from these, there are also cropped cuts and long lines. Both of which has become popular nowadays.

Wearing a denim jacket from your favorite brands at is no longer simple. There are many ways on how to wear it right. As such, we have compiled and listed a few tips on how to wear a denim jacket like a celebrity.

Let’s get started.

Cropped Denim Jacket

One of the classic styles is the short and cropped denim jacket. Despite having a decrease in its popularity, it always comes back. This piece is one of the favorites of celebrities. Take for example Khloe Kardashian who rocks this type of denim. Often, she pairs this piece with a lace top and skinny jeans.

If you prefer a feminine touch, you can opt for a dress and ditch the skinny jeans for a great first date impression. And for a different look, try also the Rebel Jacket. But if you want to go for a unique look, you can try using your jacket over a denim jumpsuit.

Long Denim Jacket

Ah yes. If there’s a cropped jacket, there’s also a long denim jacket. Compared to its cropped counterpart, a long denim jacket has a more contemporary and edgy feel. And all thanks to the new versions of lighter and less bulky long denim jackets, you can always count on this piece to give you a bolder look. However, you should still consider your body. If you are petite, balance your look with fitted pants and heels when combined with a long jacket.

If you want some inspiration with this piece, check out Bella Hadid’s style. She pairs her long denim jacket with dark skinny jeans, a black crop top, and some heeled booties. This style is the perfect outfit for a weekend date or a casual but statement-making look. If you want a simpler style, try pairing your jacket with a white shirt and some skinny jeans.

Blue Denim Jacket

Now let’s move on to the classic, blue denim jacket; this is your perfect casual wear. Using it all year-round works great. Emma Roberts is the ideal celebrity to take ideas from. She paired her jacket with a pink dress and heels thus putting a bit of a feminine look on it.

All in all, a denim jacket pairs great with almost any color. During summer, it’s best to pair it with bright colors and with darker hues during the cold months. If you ever feel like going on a trip, this piece of clothing should be in your travel packing list.