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Some common questions related to neurosurgery

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In order to meet a neurosurgeon you need to have an idea about the appointment. It is better that you seek a second opinion as far as this form of surgery is concerned. You would need to carry along with you all the necessary reports of previous tests as well. But do make it a point that none of the reports are more than 12 months old. Just carry all these with your during the course of appointment. This does go on to save a lot of valuable time during the process of treating the medical condition.

Would you opt for a neurosurgeon in order to perform a spine or a brain surgery?

As far as a neurosurgeon is concerned, they deal with the diagnosis and treatment of the entire nervous system. There is nothing better than a trained specialist who goes on to deal with conditions of the nerves along with the spinal cord. The general feeling among most patients is that they consider the neurosurgeons to be as brain surgeons. But what might surprise you is that a majority of the surgeries which are performed by such surgeons are spine surgeries.

Would surgery be recommended for patients who have conventional problems with the spine?

The surgery would relate to a host of problems that emerge out of the spine. It would include any form of deformity or fracture of the spine as well. Ideally surgery would be suggested for a patient who has failed to recover from the conservative treatment and still goes on to show some form of symptoms as well. This could be part of their lifestyle as well. If you feel any form of discomfort arms, or legs along with bowel movement then straight away you are a candidate for a neurosurgery.

The risks that you find with brain or spine surgery?

Just as the case there are risks with any type of surgery as well. But if you go are in the hands of the best neurosurgeon in India the risks would decrease at a substantial level. Though the main risk would be any type of infections along with wounds. In the midst of all this you cannot ignore the possibility of diseases like diabetes . Before you opt for any form of surgery, do discuss the pros along with cons of the surgery with the surgeon.

How is the recovery going to be after the surgery?

It has to be said that the recovery does tend to a bit localized. There is nothing better than a positive outlook of the patient . It would contribute to the process of recovery in a big manner. There are other factors including the age along with the overall health condition of the patient. Having said so it also depends upon the procedure that you are part of. There are some procedures like spine fusion surgery where you entire spine is being treated. In this case it may take close to an year for you to be back to normal.