Kids party entertainer: Children’s party ideas

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Aside from the food and the venue, the theme of your child’s birthday party is very important. You should match the kid’s party theme based on the personality of your child. For example, if he or she loves adventure, then doing something fun like camping might tickle their fancy. Or if they are introverts, then an indoor party might do. Taking in consideration what your child wants can do wonders.

Here are some great children’s party ideas that can help you begin planning.


Camping is fun and perfect for the young ones who are into adventure. But if you fear that real camping can be a bit dangerous, then glamping is the way to go. You can do it at your house’s backyard and have your children sleep in tents while enjoying some barbeques. Hiring a story teller Kids party entertainer can also add fun to the mix.

Carnival party

Who doesn’t love a good carnival party? The whole theme can make every child’s eyes glitter with wonder. Of course, entertainers such as clowns and mime artists can take the party to the next level. Aside from the theme, food, and entertainer, the fun part of a carnival theme party are the costumes the guests can wear.

Summer pool party

It’s a classic children’s party that doesn’t need that much imagination. Just get a swimming pool and have the kids indulge in summer fun like no other. Complete the pool party with summer decoration like Hawaiian vibes and piñata. Hire mermaid costumed actors for an added mystical fun.
Movie under the stars
A fun and chillax kid’s party is simply a cozy movie under the stars. A few sheets and blankets plus home-made popcorn and your trusty projector can make this night magical. Pop in your DVDs of Disney and Pixar classics and you’re good to go.

A baking party

Who doesn’t love home baked goodies? This fun and educational birthday party theme is all about creating those sweet and yummy confections. Will have a hard time handling kids who just want to get on to those yummy goodies? Then hire an entertainer who specialises in baking and help those kids create their own personal cakes, cupcake, lollipops, cookies, and many more.

Princess birthday party

This one is perfect for your own little princess who wishes to be surrounded by pure magic. Give your princess the tiara and gown that she needs and ask her friends to be in their best Disney magic costume. Another fun part is when you add dazzling actual Disney princesses in the mix. Hire actors who can become Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. Your child will love you for it.
Superhero birthday party

Thrill the superhero in your life by inviting Iron Man, Captain America, Batman, and Superman into the party. Your little man will surely love hanging out with his comic book favorites. And the guests will surely love posing with these loveable characters too.

Story teller party

This enchanting theme is perfect for younger toddlers who love hearing stories of wonder and fairies. Hiring excellent story tellers that can transport the guests to a whole new world can make this theme really work.

Mad scientist party

If your kids love Jimmy Neutron then this party will make them mad with happiness. Complete the fun with actual beakers and test tubes, lab goggles, and fake test rats that are actually baked goodies. Hire an actor to play as a menacing scientist villain or a story teller who can guide them through all the fun science stuff.