It tastes better if you sit down to enjoy

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Here in the United Kingdom we are all partial to a take away, whether that is an Indian, Chinese or simply fish and chips. But were you aware of the number of fabulous Indian restaurants that are available for you to sit and enjoy your food in a delightful environment whilst the chefs are cooking over their Lincat SLR6 Silverlink 600 4 burner gas oven (if you are looking for something similar take a look at ), to deliver you your aromatic delights.

Here are some of the best Indian restaurants from around the UK.

Lasan in Birmingham was opened in the Jewellery Quarter in 2002 and it has quickly become a must visit restaurant in the area. This is no ordinary restaurant the head chef Aktar wanted to bring the delights of traditional Indian cooking and flavours and mix them with a modern unique approach. The results have impressed both locals and those travelling further afield to taste the delights of British produce combined with traditional Indian cuisine.

Curry Leaf Café in Brighton lives a double life. During the day you will find a laid-back café that serves traditional Indian street food but by night this café is transformed, and you can dine on tandoori grilled lamb chops and curries for Goa and Bangalore. At least half of its menu is vegetarian, and they also openly cater for vegans and those with gluten intolerances. Although relatively young, having been opened in 2014, this dual existence idea has proved incredibly popular and the owners have now opened up a second café in Kemptown and also a food stall inside Brighton’s train station.

Bundobust in Manchester and Leeds is another innovative restaurant taking traditional food and adding a modern twist. It is a restaurant and bar that serves vegetarian Indian street food and craft ales. The experience here is much more casual with disposable bowls and cutlery used along with the prices being lower than found in larger Indian restaurants. Here you won’t find any meat or traditional curry options available. Instead you are tempted with the delights of vada pav (brioche bun containing a spicy mashed potato ball which has been fried) and other street food style options.
That is just three of the many spectacular Indian restaurants that you can find throughout the UK, each one offering a slightly different take on the traditional Indian cuisine.