Your Path to Fashion Design Success

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If you are a creative mind who is still wonder whether to pursue fashion designing as a career or not then you need to understand what lies ahead if you pick it as your choice of career. You have already been warned about how this career might not be the one for you and you should join the rat race of getting a conventional desk job then let us bring to you the absolute perks of fashion designing based on facts unlike your neighbourhood aunt’s opinion.

It will get all your creative juices flowing

Fashion designing unlike most jobs is based on your creative thinking. The jobs will give you your creative freedom to create designs that are your own brain child. It will give to the excitement to create new things out of nothing, sketch you most magical imaginations, get creative with textiles and fabrics, colours and prints, create stunning prototypes and turn your designs into trends. The joy of seeing your creations taking life is unmatched for any creator and fashion designing gives it to you aplenty.

Lucrative Salary

Do not let the complete misnomer that creative jobs do not pay enough mislead you. Fashion designers have an average pay of Rs. 358,011 per year in India. Having said that, the experience of the designer, their skill set, their job location are some of the things that influences the salary of a fashion designer. But one can easily expect to receive a minimum of Rs. 180,000 per year at the very start of their career. So the fashion industry not paying enough is a complete myth.

Your entrepreneurship dreams can come true

Once you have gained enough experience, have enough confidence in your skill and have a fair idea of marketing and retail, you can start building your own empire. The industry accepts budding talent, individuality and young designers with open arms. So if you have a dream of being your own boss then fashion designing should be your go to career option. You will be amazed to know how the most successful and respected fashion designers in the entire world came to the industry with a big dream and a humble beginning.

It instils a mentality of hard work

The fashion designing industry is one where you hard work will give you amazing results within a very short period of time and this is enough motivation for most to work as hard as they can and reap its sweet benefits. Your initial hard work will prep you to survive on your own and flourish in the industry later.

Minimum formal education

If you have the seed of creativity in you then you all you have to do is get a short formal degree of 2 to 4 years in fashion designing from a reputed Fashion design institute in Delhi. This is when you will gain knowledge about fabric, fashion, technology, fashion merchandising to name a few. This field focuses more on your creative thinking and your artistic ability than your scores in high school.