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Why you should use a Charcoal Face Mask for Men

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In our society, it’s a perception that looking beautiful and externally attractive is something that only women should be concerned about. Time has, however, changed and so has the thinking pattern of people. Looking physically attractive is important and desirable for both men and women. Women too desire to rest their eyes on good-looking and smart men.

Men, therefore, stop being lazy and take good care of your face with Charcoal Face Mask. When you look good, you feel good.

Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal is also known as activated carbon. Charcoal is basically a lightweight carbon that is produced by heating wood in the absence of oxygen. This is not used in beauty products like a face mask though. Instead of this, activated carbon is used that is produced mainly for medicinal uses.

 In the presence of a gas, this carbon is heated that causes it to develop multiple pores or internal spaces. These pores/spaces trap the chemicals. This residual product then is known as activated charcoal or carbon.

Bamboo Charcoal
It is said that for uses in beauty products, bamboo charcoal is also used. Regular bamboo is cut into tiny pieces, boiled, dried and carbonized in ovens for longer hours to produce bamboo charcoal.

Pores & acne issues of Men
Men too have pores on their skin like women. Their pores also might start looking bigger due to excessive oiliness and dirt trapped on them. This invites acne and rashes to attack their skin. Male adult acne is also triggered by excess secretion of sebum in the sebaceous glands, mainly caused by hormonal boost.

Some efforts need to be taken and a few minutes from the daily routine have to be managed for addressing these issues. Face mask and skincare products containing charcoal, which is a natural ingredient, can help saying goodbye to acne.

Benefits of charcoal
Charcoal enjoys popularity in the beauty world for its capability to erase dirt/dust from the skin surface in a strong yet appropriate manner. It is a quality addition to a man’s skin routine because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Fight blackhead issues
Activated charcoal can draw the organic impurities out of the pores that are responsible for developing blackheads. Blackheads are tiny black spots that develop on the tip of nose, along the side of nostrils, on foreheads and as such areas on face. They make one look unsightly.

An all-natural ingredient
This is an all-natural product and does not negatively impact the human skin, unlike artificial harmful chemicals used in face mask commonly now-a-days. It will not contaminate your bloodstream and disturb health, when absorbed through the  skin pores.

Balances oil secretion
Face mask containing activated charcoal can help in rubbing off all the excessive oil from the face. This makes a man look fresh and lively. A face coated with oil attracts more impurities to stay stick to the pores and suffocates the skin.

All these are the primary benefits of using a face mask or skincare product having activated charcoal in them.

Branded product
A brand does not enjoy confidence of people until and unless it has delivered what it promised. Opt for a branded charcoal mask as the market is also flooded with substandard quality charcoal face products. Those will do more harm than good to your face. Do online search, go through reviews and rates, consult friends/relatives to know the popular branded charcoal face masks. Go for the best and do not conduct experiment on your face.

To conclude, remember that your external appearance has a major contribution to your overall impression. It tells a lot about you than you can imagine. Take care of it.