The Unforgettable 90s: Awesome Indie bands of 90s that we need more of

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Taking a slow walk down the meandering memory lanes that leads to the good old days of the 90’s, I am filled with a sense of glorious nostalgia and profound longing for the past. I hear faint sounds of those melodies jingles and funny TV shows at the back of my head, setting the stage for a walk to remember. Ah! What days they were! The easy-breezy lifestyle added to the austere mind sets of the people coupled with the magnetic TV shows and mesmerizing music, 90’s was undoubtedly the best of all times.

As we are stepping into a progressive tomorrow we are eventually leaving behind a lot of things of the past. It’s a good thing to move ahead however we can’t make that grave mistake of eliminating some lessons and inspiring moments from the past. In fact, it’s these striking memories of the good food, great music and inspiring stories that lend us the motivation to strive towards a better tomorrow. This statement fits apt to the indie music industry. There were some inspiring artists’ who had created a striking & memorable presence in the industry. When I think back to those days, I can’t thank them enough for laying the foundation of Independent music amidst that worrisome crisis of opportunities and platforms. Here is a list of some of the most inspiring and loved bands from the unforgettable 90’s which we need more of today!

#1. Band Of Boyz

The first all-boys band in India that swept all ladies of their feet with their cute and foxy looks, has given us chance to tap our feet to some of the most coolest songs of all times. Their first album – “Yeh Bhi Who Bhi” consisted of some of the swooning tracks that we still can’t get enough off! Check out one of our favourite song right here.

#2. Silk Route

The talented Mohit Chauhan whom we recognise today with his melodious “Yeh Dooriyan”, “Tum Se hi” or “Kun Faya Kun” had in fact, begun his musical journey with Silk Route. He along with Atul Mittal, Kem Trivedi, Kenny Puri and many others had created a huge buzz in the industry with their stellar tracks like “Boondain”, “Sunny Sain”, “Pehchaan”, “Dooba – Dooba” etc. The best part about the band was its use of diverse musical instruments that gave it a striking presence among its counterparts. Refresh your memories with this track right here.

#3. Strings

This ensemble of musical prodigies from Pakistan had acquired widespread recognition and fandom in the first few weeks of the release of their debut album – Strings. Even today, their poetic tracks and the stringed rhythms have inspiring fan-following and devotion. It can be rightly said that this Pakistani Pop rock band had laid the foundation of Pakistani Pop music and had created a wave of ingenuity and progressivity in the Pakistani Music Industry. Check out one of their best tracks right here.

#4. Aryans

Aryans can be rightly called as the first musicians in this industry who set the benchmark for Indie Pop Music scene in India. We still can’t forget that melodies tune and Shahid Kapoor’s youthful looks from “Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra”. Coming together from all parts of the country this band has an enviable record of more than 250 live concerts under their belt. Lend ears to a classic track of this band while you marvel about that time.

#5. The Colonial Cousins

The musical duo comprising of the musical stalwarts like Hariharan and Leslie Lewis had stirred an impelling furore in the industry with their album – Colonial Cousins. The album achieved the coveted feat of “Platinum Sales” in India alone. Their tracks were an expert styled fusion of Western and Indian melodies; and of course, the result was a fresh and off-beat rhythm that we would all fall in love with instantly! Listen to one of their top tracks right here and stir your pot of memories!

#6. Bombay Vikings

Remember the Hinglish version of “Woh Chali Woh Chali” or “Chhodh Do Aanchal Zamana Kya Kahega”? That perfect melodies blend of Bollywood and Classical music, “Bombay Vikings” was formed by Neeraj Shreedhar in the year 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden. I still can’t forget the stellar popularity of their debut album,-“Kya Soorat Hai”. The incredible mix of Indian and European rhythm in their tracks still leaves me speechless. Check out this popular track of Bombay Vikings right here and muse on a decade that can never be recreated!

#7. Viva

Heard the Song, “Kuch Khas hai” or “Jag Ghoomeya”? Did you recognise the Singer – It’s the talented Neha Basin from the magnetic Indie-Pop band Viva or Viva! This band of five gifted ladies formed in the year 2002 got split around 2005. However, we still seem to remember and cherish the songs from their albums – Viva! and Viva! Reloaded. Refresh your memories with one of their classic hits right here!

#8. Euphoria

This Delhi based Rock band spearheaded by Dr. Palash Sen is probably the pioneers in the Indie-Pop music scene in India. Starting from the year 1988 this band is unstoppable until now. Tracks like “Maaeri” or “Aana Meri Gully” or “Dhoom Pichak Dhoom” can never get old in our musical hearts. Lean back and lend ears to this splendid tracks right here.

Hence, these were the most lovable and compelling list of bands from the unforgettable 90’s whom we simply cannot forget or should not forget! Their music and the memories associated with them will always hold a special place in our hearts. In today’s faced paced life where new artists are mushrooming every-day, we need more of artists like them. We need these talented and youthful artists of this generation to look back and brim themselves with bouts of inspirations and motivations.