Creative Ways of Serving Beer at Wedding

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Wedding is an important part of life and everybody wants to make his wedding party more amazing and unique. And making some parts of the party unique is the only way to make the whole ceremony unique. Beer serving is such as part and by using some of the great and unique ideas; you can make the whole party unique.

Basically, making something personalized and your own along with displaying makes the event unique. Look at some creative beer serving ideas mentioned below. Hope, these ideas of reception or after party will help you to make your wedding party more interesting…

1. Crafty Container:
A crafty whiskey container can add a lot of value to your wedding party. Whiskey is a common drink of a party and you can find it at any wedding party. But presenting a unique designed crafty whiskey container according to your wedding theme lets you to make the bar more wonderful. You may try rowboat type whiskey container which is unique and adorable. You may also use the same type but other crafty containers to the drinking zone.

2. Beer Centerpiece:
A little and adorable beer centerpiece make the table super cute! People generally serve the beer bottles to the party tables. And what if you present the beer bottles with some unique style? Well, you may decorate the beer bottles centerpiece with some wheat and hops.

This is amazing and has a festive touch too. And if the reception's at the brewery, then it's just awesome. Additionally, this beer centerpiece can be one of the best groomsmen gifts too.

3. Flight of Fancy:
Flight is a way of fun always for your guest of the wedding party. Most of the times, your guests do not know each other. You may serve the beer as like as the flight to the tables. If you do it, your all guests will have a topic to start a new conversation and know each other. This is a helpful as well as a unique idea of beer serving.

4. Brew & Make a Custom Label:
Are you looking for a fun activity of your own at your wedding? Well, you can brew the beer by yourself and have fun. Look, brewing the beer isn’t too difficult actually; you can do it with ease by using some beer making tools. You may find breweries who sell beer making tools and by using it, you are able to create your customized taste of the beer.

 You can also label the beer bottle with customized logo. That’s incredible! Look, serving the typical beer is common, and if you serve your own beer, then it’ll be just awesome.

5. Class the Keg Up:
People usually hide kegs behind the bar. People think that it’s a little bit annoying and not effective. This is common. But you want some unique things, right? Well, make the kegs one of the part of the display instead of hiding them behind. Just make the kegs a little crafty.
Ask your caterer to provide you rustic keg barrels. And display the kegs in front of the bar. It will add both value and uniqueness to the party.

6. Serve Up a Shandy:
Want to try something new for your wedding guest? If your wedding party is celebrated on a summer day, then I have a perfect solution for you. Mix half lemonade with half beer and you will get a perfect summertime drink.

This is a great way of refreshment and your guest will have the great drinking taste of the alcohol-lemonade drink. And not only lemonade, you may also mix apple juice or ginger with the beer to have the way of unique beer serving.