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What is a bone marrow transplant all about?

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It is rated to be a specific type of therapy that is directed towards certain types of diseases or cancers. Bone marrow transplant as the name suggests also goes by the name of stem cell transplant which means the cells of the bone marrow are taken. A process of filtration takes place and then it is handed back to the donor. The main aim of this form of transplant is to restore the bone marrow cells that have been destroyed and replace it with healthy ones. There are numerous diseases that could be treated with a healthy bone marrow transplant.

You could go on to replace a bone marrow with a genetically functioning bone marrow. This is undertaken so that no form of genetic issues spring up in the future. There is a situation where an unhealthy bone marrow is to be replaced with a healthy one. This tends to arise when you are confronted with specific conditions like leukaemia. The patient can be their own donor or they could seek a donor as well.

What is the main reason for people requiring stem cell transplant?

It has to be stated that bone marrow transplant is required for a variety of reasons. It is generally provided to

  • Patients who are victims of genetic disease that goes on to have an impact on the various organs of the body
  • Patients whose bone marrow is being damaged by chemotherapy or radiation as far as treatment of cancer is concerned
  • In case of patients whose bone marrow cells have turned out to be defective or it could be abnormal as well
  • In case of patients who do find themselves in good health in spite of the above condition.

The procedure of bone marrow transplant

The procedure of bone marrow transplant does depend on the ability of a patient to tolerate certain medications. The type and disease of a transplant that is needed also assumes a lot of importance

  • In terms of preparation to start of the process it would include high dose of radiation or chemotherapy. It is known to cure a particular type of condition whereby ample space is provided in the bone marrow so that new cells could develop. This therapy goes by the name of ablative due to the impact it leaves on the bone marrow. When ablative stops the bone marrow is known to become empty. An empty bone marrow is needed for the new stem cells so that they could grow and establish accordingly
  • Once the surgery is over supportive care is provided to the patient so that any form of infections, complications or side effects are kept away. It would mean frequent blood tests, providing the patient with a clean environment along with daily check in of weights.

Since this is a complex form of surgery bone marrow transplant in India should be undertaken with the reputed hospitals of the country. By doing so you get access to quality medical staff along with surgeons.