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Requirements of Former Resident Visa Subclass (151)

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The former resident visa permits relocation of former Australian permanent inhabitants and people who served in the Armed Forces of Australia to receive permanent residence.

Who can apply for this visa?

Applicants can apply for the visa either as a:

  • Defence Service applicant or
  • Long Resident applicant

Requirements of Former Resident Visa

  • You are applicable for subclass 151 former resident return visa if you have
  • You must not have any amount outstanding to the Australian Government
  • You must have basic or functional English language skills
  • You must meet health and character requirements

If you are submitting application as a Long Residence candidate, then you should, 

  • Have spent 9 out of your initial 18 years in Australia as a permanent resident of Australia
  • Be below 45 years of age at the time of visa lodgement
  • Have never become citizen of Australia
  • Have reserved close ties such as personal, cultural or business ties with Australia while you have been residing out of the country. Here close ties means
  • Regular communication with relatives or friends living in Australia.
  • Confirmation of possession of assets in Australia as well as verification of an enduring on the go attention in those possessions.
  • Proof of regular trips to Australia for either business, personal or cultural purposes.
  • Confirmation of additional financial or trade-related interests in Australia wherein you have a continuing going concern.

If you are submitting application as a Defence Service candidate, then you should,

  • Have accomplished a constant Australian Defence Service for at least 3 months.
  • Have been released earlier than finishing service for three months on the grounds that you happened to be medically unfit due to that service.

If you are applying while you are living in Australia, then you should

  • Be the possessor of a current substantive visa, further than a Transit visa (subclass 771) otherwise.
  • If you don’t possess a substantive visa at the visa lodgement time, you should apply for this visa within twelve months of ending of your substantive visa

Benefits of Getting the Visa

  • If you are granted with the Former Resident Visa, you along with your family may reside in Australia as permanent residents of Australia.
  • You can work as well as study in Australia.
  • You can access some social security payments.
  • You can get sponsored healthcare via Medicare as well as the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme).
  • You can apply for Australian citizenship if you meet the required criteria
  • You can sponsor your relatives, friends or family members for permanent residence

Your legal partner and reliant family members could be incorporated in your application if they meet up certain necessities. The below-given family members can be incorporated into your visa application:

  • Your legal partner
  • Your reliant child or children
  • Further dependent relatives
Visa Cost

The basic cost for the visa is AUD 3,590, but if additional applicants are added in your application, then you have to pay additional charges for them as per their age. Apart from this, you will also need to pay for Medical Examination, police verification and for certification/ translation of Documents.