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The significance of an abnormal pap smear during the course of pregnancy

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Are abnormal pap smears common during pregnancy? Yes is the answer but actual cancer is not. It is very rare but 1 out 10,000 women is likely to have cancer during pregnancy. Pregnancy is not going to decrease or increase the risk, but when you are diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy it does pose a difficult challenge. Here both the life of a mother and a baby are involved.

The importance associated with a Pap smear test

Though it is rare but pregnant women can fall victim to cervical cancer. Since this is an important event occurring during pregnancy it goes on to highlight the need of a Pap smear test. Not only it is recommended during the course of pregnancy, but it is compulsory.

What happens if abnormal pap smears during pregnancy is not cleared?

This is a single test that you would want to clear. If the results of this test may return back as abnormal there is no need to panic. Hormonal changes or inflammation could be the main reason behind these. It has to be kept in mind that Pap test is not a routine diagnostic test, but a mere screening formality. If the doctor suspects anything abnormal then they may ask for a biopsy. But the good news is that any form of abnormal cells is easily detected with a conservative approach during the course of pregnancy.

The main reason for it is that dysplasia’s that emerge in the cervix keep on growing which allows the patient to focus on a lot of important things. In the process they can go on to deliver the baby as well. Routine follow up in the form of colposcopy could figure out whether the condition is still worse as some of them vanish away after a pregnancy. In order to find out whether it is dangerous for a mother or a baby a real diagnosis is needed.

What is to be done next?

If there is any form of lesion the doctor can detect it in an easy manner. It is also possible that a cone biopsy may be called for during pregnancy. This is a major decision at this point as the doctor observes the cervix which does go on to hold the baby in the uterus. When a cone biopsy is conducted it pretty much helps to figure out how much the cervix has weakened. If there is any form of risk it does lead to a chance of preterm labour or delivery.

Between the internal and external cervical cells there does occur a dividing line. It is the transformation zone where the internal cells convert themselves to the external ones, here is where all the action takes place. If there does exist any form of pre cancer cells then here is the place which is going to happen.

It is suggested that a doctor is going to perform a pap smear test when due. The only difference is an increase in the levels of bleeding.