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World's travel records

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Some people travel for pleasure while some people travel for passion. People, who are passionate for travelling, end up achieving records, either beating the old records or creating new ones.

Many such people with great effort and hard work have created records. Many records may seem easy, but practically they are not. Some of the world’s travel records include

Youngest person to visit all sovereign countries
James Asquith, at just an age of 24, achieved the title of “Youngest person to visit all sovereign countries.”He visited 196 sovereign countries and completed this record. He is said to have started travelling at the age of 16 itself.  He got excited and interested in his first journey itself that he went on to achieve this title. He covered the 196 countries from Austria to Iraq and from San Marino to Serbia. He finished his journey at Federated States of Micronesia on 8th July 2013.

Most countries visited by public transport in 24 hours
This record was achieved by Adam Leyton who visited 12 countries in 24 hours, or to be exact 23 hours 52 minutes, using only public transport. Starting from Perl, Germany Adam travelled all the way through Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary and ended finally at Austria. He finished this record on 26th May, beating the earlier records which haven’t been broken for the past 23 years. This record has been officially included in the Guinness World Records.

Shortest time to travel all underground stations in London
This record was achieved by AJ and Steve Wilson. They visited all the underground stations in London in 16 hours, or to be exact 15 hours, 45 minutes, 38 seconds. This record is not as easy as it seems because it takes lot of time to travel to one underground station in London. But these record holders visited all the underground stations in London in less than 16 hours.

Longest distance covered by bicycle in Antarctica
This record was set and achieved by Eric Larsen, aged 41, who set out on 20th December, on bicycle, to traverse Antarctica to the south pole. He covered a distance of 175 miles. But he couldn't complete because of severe snow conditions and insufficient food supplies for further journey, and hence he had to turn back. Though he couldn't complete what he planned, he set a new world record for cycling in the south pole for 175 miles.

Crossed Sahara Desert in shortest time by bicycle
Bicycles are no longer used for fitness as they are taken for achieving records nowadays. RezaPakravan, aged 36, achieved a record of crossing the Sahara desert by bicycle in 14 days. He covered 1200 miles in the desert and set the record. In spite of the extremities in the Sahara desert like extremely high temperature, hot days, cold nights, heat waves etc, he completed his record which made him stand as the Guinness world record holder.

Longest journey by car in India
This record was achieved by four people, K M V S N Raju, Arun Kumar, Jayanth Varma and Purushotham, from Bengaluru, who toured the entire India covering a distance of 36060 kilometres in 35 days. This record making journey started on 11th March 2016 and ended on 14th April 2016. The main objective of this journey was to create awareness about the Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan.

The passion to travel and achieve made people set records and also break the records. The effort and hard work they put into it, gives them pleasure in return. Passionate Travellers have achieved a lot and there are lot more to go.

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The record holders have made the impossible possible. It is rightly said, "All you need to know is that, it is possible."