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Sell your house As Is to professional home buyers in 4 easy steps

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Selling house through real estate agents is time consuming and dated. Modern home sellers mostly prefer to sell house as to we buy houses company. The house buying companies are investors who buy homes in any condition- including dilapidated houses, properties with tenant problems, houses on the verge of foreclosure and so on. Put simply, irrespective of the condition of your home, these companies will buy your home. Most importantly, you will receive full cash offer at the end of the sale and that too in less than 2 weeks.

The post below shares the 4 easy steps to sell your home as is to home buyer companies and receive full cash fast. 
Find a reliable home buyer company

The first task is to find a reliable home buyer company that works in your area (Houston). One of the main reasons to settle with a local company is that such a company will assure a fair deal- matching with the local property market. Make a shortlist of 4-5 professional home buyers or investors who are interested to buy house as is. Then, get a comparative study on them. Study their reputation, experience, process and customer testimonials. Ask for customer references and talk to them personally. The one you choose should be a reputed name in the market, backed by minimum 10 years of experience and happy clientele. 

Contact the company

So, how it works after you find your home buyer company? Well, go to its website where you will find a Buy Sell form. Fill it with your name, property address and contact details. A reliable company will itself call you in just 1 hour to discuss options with you. The home seller will need to give a standard overview of the property, its current condition, tenants (if any) and any issue its going through at present. 

Set an appointment

If you qualify for the buying offer- most of the time you will- the buyer company will decide on repair estimates and fix an appointment with you. You won’t need to carry any repair work as the company itself handle all the necessary fixes. The company will visit your premise at the scheduled date and time to discuss the buying price and closing date. You will receive a fair no-obligation written offer.  Reliable home buying companies generally work with local credible title companies and there is no question of brokerage fees here. 

Close fast & get full cash in 7 days

When you sell home as is you have the liberty to schedule a closing date of your choice. So, if you agree to the written quote provided by the home buying company, you inform the company of your preferred closing date. On the specified date, the seller and buyer will meet and the latter will give you the entire amount in full cash. The whole process takes as little as 7 days (or 14 days maximum) to complete.

Selling house as is is anyday a wiser decision than the lengthy and expensive process of selling through a real estate agent.