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Skin care- Every Woman Needs to Know

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Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of our body? It has various functions; it protects us from external influences, acts as a temperature regulator and is an important sense organ. Obviously, she needs extra care in these tasks and the influences she is exposed to every day.

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Skincare - do I need it?

The answer is very clear: yes! No matter how old you are, the skin should always be cared for carefully. It is not only our largest organ, which protects us from external influences, but should look beautiful and well-groomed even in old age. Because especially when you can see if the skin was regularly cared for or neglected.

At a young age it may seem superfluous, but those who fill up their moisture stores early on prevent blemishes such as wrinkles or cellulite, and will still have a firm, healthy skin as they grow older. That's why you cannot start early enough to treat your skin properly.

For the right skin care, it is very important to know your skin type.

Oily / oily skin

This skin type is characterized by a slightly shiny film on the skin, large pores and often bad skin with pimples or even acne. The skin produces an excess of sebum and so overfills the skin. Often the skin is very thick and looks dull, as it is not supplied with enough blood

Dry skin

Dry skin tightens and itches, even stubborn rough spots can form. Especially elbows and knees, as well as shins are often extremely dry. Moisture regulation of the skin does not work properly and moisture cannot be stored.

Combination skin

This occurs especially in the face and often more in young people. As the name suggests, it is a mixture of dry and oily skin.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is a mostly dehydrated skin that is sensitive to most skin care products. But it can also be greasy and is characterized by rough and irritated areas.

Ideal skin care

Especially after showering, people with dry skin have extremely exciting spots and the whole body itches. It can help to use a moisturizing shower lotion while showering, which will dry out the skin and preserve the natural fat layer. A bath gets every part of your skin, even those that you do not necessarily think about when applying the cream.

Hot water increases the pores so that nutritious additives can penetrate well. At the same time the body is detoxified and purified, it sweats pollutants and absorbs cleansing substances. As a bath additive oils are particularly suitable for sensitive skin. A bubble bath tends to dry out the skin, and is therefore recommended only for people without skin problems. 

But there is another difference: a bubble bath cleanses the body, while an oil bath is a wellness cure. Before that, take a normal shower and then rinse off any oil residue.

Nutrition- skin care

The skin should not only be cared for from the outside, but also from the inside. Certain skin problems may indicate malnutrition. Basically, a balanced diet should contain a lot of fruits vegetables and healthy foods so that the whole body gets the important vitamins.

But dairy products and whole grains, such as lean meat or fish are not only healthy, but also help to nourish the skin. If you have made a diet change and then notice skin problems, then you should consider what you omit and how to replace it or integrate it into the diet.

Not only the diet, but also the overall health is important for a beautiful complexion. Sufficient sleep, plenty of drinking, low stress, alcohol, and nicotine are the keys to the healthy skin without wrinkles and discoloration.