Bike Accidents: Unfortunate Or Invited

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Bike Accidents associated with motorbikes or motorcycles that is motor vehicles, generally are caused by the inattentiveness of the driver or maybe due to the fault of the cyclist to find the right way or turn. Some prominent causes can be:
  • Taking the right cross that would mean when to exit a cyclist to the right the car pulls out in side of an alley or any similar sort. As the cyclist has already been ahead of the motor vehicle that can collide with the cyclist. This is to avoid this the cyclist be firstly more visible to the riders in front and should keep anticipating bikers pulling out from their right. A flashlight of some sort can be of help in the dark, or dusk. Wave or yell if you find the vehicle closing approaching.

  • The left cross unlike the right cross discussed above occurs when any vehicle makes a left turn from the opposite direction just before a bicyclist, either cutting off the biker or striking him to the left. Avoiding sidewalks and also by being aware, the cyclist can help avoid such.

  • Most of the times or is found that drivers are callous, and they eventually fail to keep good watch or even are not alert enough to foresee. Drunk and rash driving are also important causes. The right hook situation as it names can occur mainly due to either when the bike rider is struck by the car driver as he is in the middle of the cross street and the driver didn't notice the bicycle carefully. Another situation crops up when motorcyclists overtake by taking a right turn. The only way to avoid this kind of collisions is to drive in the further left of the road by the bicyclist, so that cars and other vehicles pass it easily.

  • The drivers sometimes violate the laws encrypted, as according to various laws in India and abroad, it is expected of the driver of any automobile to maintain a safe distance when overtaking any running vehicle. A minimum of three feet distance should be maintained, to keep a safe clearance.

  • Another most important to be mentioned is the door prize collision, that occurs when the driver or any person slams open suddenly the door of any parked car on a road and the bicycle comes flying without even noticing the danger in front, or it becomes uncontrollable in some cases to stop all of a sudden. Buy helmet covering the entire face for more protection. Avoidance techniques involve riding further to the left, and keep a good watch out for people in parked cars to the right. It is to be remembered that bikers also posses the same right as any other automobile, hence if any bicyclist gets injured by sudden collision with any car door in the middle of a traffic lane, it'll be subjective to some obvious claim.

Rear end collisions are the most dreaded ones by the motorcyclists. As the name says it all, the bikers should ride with caution, and take preventive measures. Helmet bike although in, can save your life.