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Factors to check on while ordering Meal Train

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A train journey can prove to be the source of immense pleasure. It feels great to cruise through the varied Indian landscape in a superfast train, gazing at the myriad visions from the window pane. In India, train journeys can be very long, often spanning across 2 to 3 days. Therefore, seeking complete comfort from the journey becomes extremely important. You will need emergency medical care, the facility to order a meal in the train, basic hygiene facilities, clean and disinfected beddings and lots more for a happy experience.

Eating right during the course of Travel

Eating right during the course of travel is extremely important. You need to keep yourself healthy, hydrated and energized. There are many guidelines to follow. For instance, cleaning your hands thoroughly, either with soap and water or with an alcohol based sanitizer is mandatory before you indulge in any kind of eating.

Similarly, when you are ordering a meal train, there are some basic guidelines to resort to here as well. Here are some of them:

The food needs to be hygienically prepared.
The raw materials used for preparing your meal should be fresh.
When you order your meal train, you should be able to choose from a handful of options at least.
The food should be affordably priced.
The meal should be delivered to you at the desired place and time. You should not be forced to put up with unnecessary delays.

What are your available options for ordering A Meal on Train?

The most obvious alternative is to order from the pantry. However, the food prepared in the pantry car of most trains fails to provide hygienic and nutritious food. Especially, if you are traveling with kids or senior citizens, you would perhaps be scared to order food from the in-house canteen. Cases of food contamination and disease outbreaks have been common off late.

The food served is often cooked in unclean kitchens which have leftover food strewn all around. The ingredients are hardly fresh and the food might have been cooked hours before!

Another option is to alight at stations and buy fresh food from the counters on the platforms. The hygiene levels here may be marginally better and the food may be freshly prepared before serving. However, this process of getting down from the train at major stations may be both cumbersome and risky.

Carrying food from home could possibly be the best possible solution from the health point of view. However, if the journey is too long, carrying truckloads of food for the entire family may not be a suitable option at all. Also, the food might simply go bad and not remain suitable for consumption! What do you do then? From where do you order a meal on train?

The Online Ordering Facility is a Boon

Thankfully, there are service providers that accept online orders for serving meal train. All you need to do is place your order online through their website. You will be asked to key in details about your trip, your PNR, your Seat Number and of course your food preference. Your choice of dish will be served to your seat at your specified location. So, if you are seeking food at train in Nagpur for instance, you can get it right at your seat without any hassle whatsoever. Just remember to order in advance.

Most of these ordering services ensure that the food that comes to your table is fresh, well cooked and tasty. Besides, you also get to dig into your favorite delicacy without having to spend too much on your food bills.