Corduroy Is the New Denim

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When you think of corduroy, it’s likely that one of your old teachers comes to mind. We all had one - that teacher who wore the same corduroy suit each day, with not a care in the world about what his pupils thought about his fashion sense.

Well, it turns out that that teacher had it spot on. Who’d have thought that he would now been seen as super-stylish, with his former pupils searching for corduroy clothes to keep up with the latest fashion trends?

Back on Trend

This season has seen an influx of corduroy-based items hitting the runways. With models for Prada and Mulberry sporting the vintage fabric, it’s had shoppers hitting the high street in search of the retro fabric which has been catapulted into modernity. It seems only fitting that its return has happened during the Autumn/Winter season, which sees an increase in the neutral colours usually on offer - the perfect shade for corduroy.

How to Wear Corduroy

Taking over from denim as the material to make a comeback in modern fashion, it’s likely that corduroy will begin to pop up more and more. If you want to stay on trend, the best place to start would be with a simple statement jacket. It’s the perfect item to wear to add casual sophistication to your outfit. Men's Farah Shirts, such as those found at, would work well underneath, along with a pair of dark jeans and Chelsea boots.

Fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli has featured corduroy in his new collection and describes it as casual sartorial which expands on the informal chic trend that is currently predominant. He credits the lightness and texture of the fabric with the modern luxurious reputation that it is receiving. After all, the touch and feel of fabric is highly important in the enjoyment of wearing certain pieces.


Whilst the brown tones of corduroy make great staple pieces of clothing that can be extremely versatile, you don’t have to settle on this colour scheme if you prefer your clothes to be bold. This push into modernity has brought with it lavender trousers, pink blazers and teal suits. Corduroy is no longer just the fashion choice of your old teacher. In fact, you might soon be looking like the odd one out if you don’t own a corduroy piece.