Popular C2C companies In Singapore

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The world is experiencing an e-commerce boom. With the amazingly fast internet, smartphone penetration and a strategic position e-commerce are driving up throughout the world. South Asian Country Singapore is not lagging behind in this new market trend.

Today, not only are the Singaporean start-ups moving up to take the advantages while conquering their home market, but also foreign farms are welcomed in the Singaporean market. It has been estimated that the e-commerce market in Singapore would be valued at more than US$5.4 billion by 2025.

Today, along with B2C (Business to Consumer) companies C2C (consumer-to-consumer) are also making it a huge in the market. Here are few C2C companies that have set foot in Singapore’s rapidly expanding e-commerce market:


A consumer to consumer mobile and online e-retailer, headquartered in Singapore, was launched in May 2012 by Quek Siu Rui, Lucas Ngoo, and Marcus Tan. They claimed to be the first one of its kind in the market that provides convenience and accessibility for a user to purchase or sell their new or pre-owned items by simply using their smartphone devices or the online website.

A wide range of product categories like beauty products, books, lifestyle gadgets, baby products and even cars are bought & sold through Carousell. Recently, they have regionally expanded their business to seven countries.

They allow listing the items for sale in just 30 seconds & do not impose any fees or commission for listing or selling.  They allow country specific trading to avoid hassle, costs and risks. Buyers & sellers communicate directly for payment terms. Carousell doesn’t involve them in the payment process.

Often, users try to find Carousell Singapore contact number in their mobile application. Though there is no information available on Carousell Singapore contact number, still customers can connect through their email ID [email protected]


An e-commerce marketplace start-up, headquartered in Singapore, was launched in 2015. It claims to have created an experience that is easy, fast and safe for both customers and traders. It is the first e-commerce marketplace app in Singapore that incorporates the logistics and payment providers within its system.

Currently, they provide more than 26 million active listings and have a user base of 13 million across the region. Shoppe is all set to become one of the major players in the e-commerce market. Recently, they have expanded their operations within the Asian region that includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Shopee customer care hotline number is +65 6206 6610


Gumtree is a free online website that advertises classifieds along with traditional C2C trading. This website was launched in London in 2000 and has expanded to 76 cities in 11 countries including Singapore.

Gumtree Singapore has become one of the leading e-commerce website today with more than one million page views per day and above 10 000 new listings posted daily. They were primarily a web based platform; however, they launched their mobile app for both android & iPhone in 2014.

Gumtree Singapore App not only advertises classifieds but also provide a platform for users to sell their new or pre-owned items. They also allow listing of properties, jobs, pet adoptions and community/ business services.