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Ethernet switches are one of the most basic networking devices that can be used for processing and forward the data to end point. Ethernet switches can be connected to various devices on the same network by using packet switching technology. It makes it simple to receive and send the data that is processed thoroughly through the packet switching techniques. A few decades back, electronic switches are common in use, which can spread the data to all the switching ports. Once the Ethernet has grabbed the market, it is widely used for broadcasting data to a particular port. The single fixed switch is used for small office while Ethernet is used for both medium-sized as well as large sized network.

Types of Ethernet switch

The unmanaged switch is much like a basic switch, which has no user configuration. This switch can be used only when the device is plugged in. Hence, it is used only in small scale and medium sized company. In case of the large company, managed switches are properly configured to adjust the speed, size to monitor the network activity effectively. Ethernet (10/100/1000) switches are the one which has low-speed devices that can support devices with limited speed such as 10 Mbps and 1 Gbps. Nevertheless, with the advancement of technology in the electrical world, Ethernet devices are capable for supporting high-speed devices using the packet switching techniques.  Juniper afi vs afo is such a device that offers a lot of benefits for the customers. Ethernet QFX5100 and EX2500 are popular Ethernet switches.

Benefits of Juniper Ethernet switch

·         In general, some of the major network services like Network Address Translation and Routing Encapsulation are managed by other electronic devices such as firewall and router. Fortunately, Juniper switch is more capable of performing both the process without any performance loss. This is an ideal for cloud and data center services. This amazing switch brings new features every time.

·         This Juniper QFX5100 is working great when it comes to QFabric process since it might be used as the main node in QFabric architecture. This node is added to the architecture just for the lower latency and overlay networking process.

·         The interface of this switch supports 1GbE, 1o GbE, and 100Mbps. Further, every interface can support fiber or copper connectivity. By using a strong breakout cable, any high-speed cable interface can be broken into fewer interfaces.

·         The junior EX25000 is much more beneficial for maintaining virtualization control panel. It can make use of Sandy Bridge host. Junos is an operating system that can run on the virtual machine, which takes all the benefits of ISSU.

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