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How to do a Winstrol Only Cycle

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Winstrol or Winny is a very popular anabolic steroid, and it's available in both injectable and oral formats. Interested buyers should know that Winstrol is just a popular brand name as the drug itself is called Stanozolol. This Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivative is famous for many recreational and serious users.

Winny is produced in a number of underground labs and can be found in multiple areas around the black market. The reason why many people purchase it "under the table" is that of its nature. Steroids, as a whole, are riddled with controversy and many regions in the world ban the selling and use of it. Hence, if you do acquire Winstrol from a reliable source, then consider yourself lucky. Now that you have the package, you may be planning on doing a Winny-only cycle but you're not sure as to how to do it just yet. We're here to help you out in that regard.

Taking Winstrol

As mentioned in a previous segment of this post, Winstrol is available in both liquid and oral forms, wherein the former can be directly injected into the bloodstream. Its tablet form is more popular than its liquid counterpart because many users don’t like using injections or needles. In comparison with oral Dianabol (Dbol), Winstrol’s effects will be active in the body for up to two days. Hence, you don’t need to split the daily dosage just for you to maintain stable blood levels. In fact, the daily dose of Winstrol can be done in one sitting. Interested users should also be happy to know that there’s not much difference when taking this anabolic steroid at any time of the day. However, it’s a preferred choice by many to take it before any meals to avoid any chance of stomach upsets.

The Winstrol-Only Cycle Dosage

Some interested users of Winstrol might be thinking, “how to use Winny on its own?" When taking oral Winstrol cycles, it's recommended to only take a daily dosage of 40 to 80-milligrams. If you're going for the injectable route, then the daily dosage should be 50 to 100-milligrams. No matter what path you may choose, the entire cycle should last 5 to 6-weeks. Using the drug any higher than 80-milligrams for the oral variant and 100-milligrams for the injectable version and you're going to put an additional risk of acquiring severe adverse effects. The same goes when you exceed the time frame for the cycle. Do it properly, and you're going to enjoy building muscles with defined cuts all over your body.

Possible Side Effects of Taking Winstrol

Like many other steroids on the market, Winstrol is intoxicating to the liver, which is why it’s so important to never exceed the recommended dosage. Winny is a 17aa structured steroid, which means that it has a construction that allows it to be orally taken. Therefore, it’s essential for users to only use Winstrol during the duration of the cycle. Also, the user should never try to stack it with other hepatotoxic compounds nor should they drink alcoholic beverages while undergoing the cycle. While using Winstrol, possible minor side effects include acne breakouts and oily skin.

Popular Effects of Winstrol

The popularity of Winstrol can mainly be found with track and field athletes. It’s because the anabolic steroid can add lean body mass, and it’s quite effective for individuals who don’t wish to add too much body weight while enhancing overall strength in the process. As such, jumpers, throwers, sprinters, and marathoners are sometimes known to use Winstrol to enhance their overall performance while on the field.

As a final note, taking Winstrol as part of a stack or by its lonesome will still have the possibility of it suppressing natural testosterone production. Once the Winstrol cycle ends, it's important to have a proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).