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How To Differentiate Between A Traveler And A Tourist

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The terms "tourist" and "traveler" are used interchangeably. Many of the people do not know the difference between them. But when seen from the perspective of the travel community, both of the terms have different meanings. Learning about the differences between them will help you define yourself in the best way and make the maximum out of the trip.

Who is a tourist?

A tourist can be seen carrying a guidebook, camera and map with them throughout their trip. They are seen wearing the same type of clothing that they would wear at home. Tourists love to be in their comfort zone. Most of them speak only English language than trying to learn idioms in the local language. Tourists like to visit major cities than venturing to small towns. 

Who is a tourist?

A traveler will always try to dip themselves in the diverse cultures of different places instead of standing out. As a traveler, you would want to explore all those areas that you have traveled less. Their preferred areas are the ones where tourism does not rule the economy. 

Travelers love to interact with locals and the main objective of their trip is to learn and experience several new things. For a traveler, their trip is more of a kind of a journey instead of a vacation.

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How to be a better tourist?

To be a better tourist, you need to be very much comfortable around other tourists. You should take record of every single sight with the camera. Leave your usual white sneakers and dress in a style of the local people. You can get help from some English-speaking locals to guide them on the best sights to be viewed. This way you can even identify a new spot that would not be possible to find in a book. Instead of talking guided tours, you can even walk the area on your own or by using local means of transportation.

How to be a better traveler?

To be a better traveler, you need to get involved more with the locals. This will improve the thrill of your trip. You can even identify a place in town where everyone loves to gather such as a town square, favorite restaurant, historical monument, etc. Initiate conversations with people of different age groups. 

Ask them questions related to their local culture and common interests. Do not stay away from popular attractions such as Eiffel Tower, as they are crowded with foreigners. You will definitely learn something out of them. 


You can act to be more of a traveler on one day and a tourist on the other day, during your vacation. This information would help you identify to which of these categories do you fall and find beneficial ways to improve yourself.