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Steroid Transformation and the Issues Hovering It

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The use of steroid is directed towards getting the desired steroid transformation such as putting on 30 lb of muscle mass or shredding 20 lb of your body weight. Marketing videos, YouTube channels, magazine ads have shown us how steroids can help a user achieve his or her desired transformation. The massive biceps and the muscular thighs could have successfully attracted you and actually persuaded you to finally try steroid and be one of those whose desired transformation has been realized.

On the contrary, you might think about marketing, pal. These videos and pictures are all for promotional purposes. You might think that marketing has effectively portrayed what it wants prospects to see. But what’s really behind the steroid transformation? Are there results to expect? Is there anything true about these muscular thighs and massive biceps?

Muscular Transformation
The most prominent indicator of steroid transformation is the muscular transformation. Those who are interested changing the size or shape of their muscles may resort to the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids to accelerate the process. In doing so, you have to put into considerations certain factors. These include your age, your genetic makeup, your overall health, your diet, your exercise routines, the type of anabolic steroid you’re using - its milligram strength, and frequency of injections.

It should be noted however that not all individuals experience the same effects of steroids because the human body has its way of reacting to the steroids including but not limited to potency, amount injected, and frequency of injections. The point here is steroid transformation is possible but not all of the time safe.

Issues with Steroid Transformation
When a person resorts to steroid transformation, some think that it is a way of “cheating nature”. It is just like having liposuction or breast implant. When an athlete injects a particular steroid to accelerate muscle growth, mass, and size or enhance performance, it is considered a form of cheating by sporting associations and organizations around the world. But in the case of an ordinary individual, who does not engage in sports, bulking up their physique or to build and tone those muscles is not illegal but is still not natural. Who is so much concerned about the natural anyway?

The Dangers that Come with the Transformation
When something not natural is introduced to the body, the body reacts. In the case of some athletes and bodybuilders, they just scoffed at the warnings issued on the potential risks that accompany steroid use. However, studies continue to show the potential for liver damage, cardiovascular damage, increased levels of “bad” low-density lipoprotein, aggression and volatile episodes. These side effects could not just be brushed off. More than the goal of achieving steroid transformation, any prospective user of steroid has to take these into considerations.

What Do Studies Tell about Steroid Use?
Steroid use and effects have gained popularity all these years. The prevalence of using the steroid alarms experts prompting them to conduct studies that pertain to steroid use. Studies these days have pointed to the damage it can cause to the cardiovascular system and other aspects of health such as physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Both short – term and long – term studies have focused on the damage made by steroid use among users, whether professional or not. These studies don’t have to be ignored. They serve are cautions to possible dangers a user faces when using steroids.

Putting on 30 lb of muscle mass through using steroid is considered cheating. You can still resort to exercise, diet, and other acceptable means to achieve it. You don’t have to accelerate things. Patience is a virtue and it holds true even for achieving one’s goal for one’s physique.