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Body building with Anadrol 50

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Body building has become one of the most important criteria for folks of today’s generation. Having a body that shows an individual’s persona is equally important. Having good physique has become a part of etiquettes. Eating right and working out rigorously cannot fetch you a good body. It can keep you healthy.

Work out in gyms is more of a physical hard work and one tends to be impatient to put in so much of efforts as he will lack energy. Getting the right energy supplement before you step into the gym can be a boon to your desire for perfect body. The right energy supplement shall make one sustain the intense work out for longer periods and it should enable one to extend the patience of doing repetitive exercises so that more amount of fat can be burnt. Anadrol is an anabolic steroid that is used for body building and medically treats the count of red blood cells.

Oxymetholone is a potent androgen anabolic steroid that is wildly famous with the trade name androl 50. The hormone oxymetholone is a 17 alpha-methylated derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Androl carries a high rating of anabolic that is three times greater than testosterone. Androl 50 has a tendency to be more androgenic.
  • Like any other steroid anadrol is not an aromatizing drug. This is an estrogenic hormone. So water retention can be excess which is in a way a bane.
  • Medically it is used to treat anemia i.e. when the red blood cells count are less
How to use anadrol?

This has to be taken as per the directions of your doctor and it can be taken with food or milk in case of your stomach upset. Remember to use it at the same time each day. Maintenance of proper timing is very important during the on cycle time period. For someone who has not experienced the anadrol before can use max dosage per week up to 500 mg for the first 12 weeks. For the first six weeks they should consume the anadrol of 25 to 50 dosages each day. It is advisable to take 25 mg at the initial stage and then switch to 50 mg as your body gets accustomed to the steroid.

Side effects: - Anadrol do not hold any exception like anything else which when used excessively can result in a negative way. Abuse or excessive use of this steroid leads to heart related diseases and also live problems. Mental sharpness can be lost. Mood swings get elevated. Due to estrogenic effect, water retention can be excess which leads to gynecomstia. It is non-aromatizing and hence have estrogenic effect.

All in all anadrol can be a great steroid for the above mentioned purposes when used moderately with proper regulation and modifications in the middle of the cycle when required. The steroids do hold significance for the fact that they show results which are tangible but one must also keep an eye on the side effects that are likely to occur.