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Pomade for women hair, why not?

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Some women may hesitate to use pomade. But did you know that using pomade can make women's hair style more beautiful but still economical?

What is the pomade? 

Pomade is a hair cream made from beeswax and mineral oil. Pomade is one of the most versatile hair beauty products you should collect in your styling shed. Unlike hairspray or gel, pomade will not make your hair sticky or damaged that makes you feel uncomfortable. Pomade is useful to soften hair, give a more textured strands, and can add beauty to the wavy hair or curls. Pomade can make your hair style more beautiful. These products come in various shapes or variants, there are texturizing variants, water-shaped variants, and even creams. From each of these variants can help you achieve a certain hairstyle to its full potential. With so many uses, a can of pomade can save you time and money by replacing many of your other hair styling products. The way is quite simple. You just have to learn how to find your hair type then form your hair perfectly. After that, you can apply the steps to use pomade to make your hair more beautiful. 

Pomade for different Hair Type

You can tame your curly hair with heavy pomade that has a strong grip, like Layrite Super Hold. Flatten the pomade over the surface of your hair to catch any messy hair. 

Curly hair

 If your hair curls give an oil-based pomade, which will make the curls bouncy.

Wavy hair

 For wavy hair you can make it a flexible, creamy pomade to give a wave to your hair that feels disheveled. Bumble and Bumble Sumotech matches this type.

 Straight hair

 Straight hair can be smooth and glossy by applying a small dollop of pomade water-based, such as Suavecito Pomade woman, from the middle to the end. Water-based pomades will add shine and plenty to hold. 

Long hair

One of the biggest problems with long hair is the split end. Fortunately, pomade hides while the tip of the branched hair and makes it easier for you to control your hair so you can shape the hairstyle you want. Try a half-heavy pomade, like Rumble 59 Schmiere Medium Women's Hair Oil.

 To make it easier for you to use pomade, here are some steps you can take: Selling the most complete hair pomade only 

Step 1 

Rub most of pomade sized texturizing in your hands. Rinse through your fingers on top to bottom of your hair layer. Whether it's short or long do the same. Then shape your hair as desired with your fingers or comb.

 Step 2 

Apply a slight thickening of light pomade for fine hair to increase the volume of hair thickness
Step 3 

Make extra hair shine with water-based pomade. Rub a drop of hair oil from the center of the hair to the end. 

Step 4 

Apply a little pomade with oil variant for curly hair to give more beautiful curls. If you have wavy hair, use a creamy pomade cream instead.

 Step 5 

Rub to smooth the pomade above the surface of your hair to tame the tangled hair and uneven hair strands.

 Step 6 

Apply a half-heavy hair oil, like a pomade putty, to the bottom of the hairline to help your hair smoother when held. 

Step 7 

Massage your scalp with hair cream oil to moisturize your skin and soften your hair. Step 8 Get wavy hair by applying a little pomade measuring weight. Then you can braid your hair, let it in dry air.