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How You Can Help the Environment by Purchasing an Electric Bicycle

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We all know that human activity has led to a number of problems with our environment, and if we don’t change our ways soon, future generations will suffer the consequences. Indeed, even in our lifetimes, we may see many catastrophic events because of the deteriorating environment, but if we start to burn less fossil fuel and reduce our carbon footprint, we can at least help make the world a safe place for our children and grandchildren to live.

Unfortunately, we can’t simply stop using electricity because most of our day to day lives depend on it, and if you live far away from work and the public transport system is too unreliable, you need to use your own form of transport. Vehicles, including motorbikes, SUVs, saloons and hatchbacks, all release harmful gases into the atmosphere, and though cycling doesn't expel any gases at all, it might not be possible to bike to work if you live dozens of miles away. 

If you simply can’t cycle to work to reduce your carbon footprint, you could consider reaching your destination by using an electric bike manufactured by Roodog. Electric bikes are fitted with a motor that you can use to get you around without having to peddle, though due to UK laws, the top speed is limited to 4.5mph. However, if you assist your motor by peddling, you can reach speeds of over 15mph, which is plenty enough to get to work quickly when you can also cut through traffic and use bike lanes. 

Do Your Part to Help the Environment

Even though you have to charge the battery for the motor to work, using an electric bike is much less damaging to the environment than almost all other modes of transport.

  • Electric Bicycle vs. SUV – Because they're very large vehicles, SUVs are more damaging than most other types of family car, even if they're one of the most practical types of vehicle around. However, when it comes to getting to work, you don’t need to use a large vehicle, and you'll be delighted to learn that electric bikes are 18 times more energy efficient than an SUV. 
  • Electric bike vs.Sedan – The Sedan is among the most popular types of family vehicle in the UK, and you might have no choice but to use one when it comes to domestic family vacations and school runs. However, when you're travelling alone, you ought to consider using an electric bike because they're 13 times more efficient than a sedan. 
  • Electric Bike vs.Rail Transit – While rail transit is much less damaging to the environment than a road full of cars, it's often the least convenient way to get around, and it can be expensive. The battery on an electric bike lasts up to 30 miles, and it’s a mode of transport that's six times more efficient than rail transit.
A Cleaner Way to Get Around
If you’re looking for a way to make a big difference regarding your carbon footprint, you ought to consider purchasing an electric bicycle. As you can see from the information above, it's the perfect way to become less reliant on vehicles that cause a lot of damage to the environment.