Four Tips for Ordering Bulk Greeting Cards

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There are greeting cards for nearly every occasion that you can imagine including congratulating new parents on the birth of a baby, announcing the birth of a child, or inviting relatives and friends to a baby’s christening. Although you can purchase greeting cards individually, if you need to send several of them out to friends and family, you should consider buying them in bulk.
Purchase Cards Online
While many online websites for bulk greeting card purchases are intended for retailers, consumers can also find deals on wholesale greeting cards. Search for greeting card vendors online and carefully read the website to make sure that you don’t have to own a business to purchase products from them. You will find many styles of greeting cards available for most occasions so it’s only a matter of narrowing down your choices when looking for the cards you need.

Allow Plenty of Time
When buying wholesale greeting cards online, don’t expect to get what you want in a few days. If you want customised cards with your family’s name or your baby’s name on the cards, you will need to allow a few weeks for them to be printed and delivered to you.
Since most churches only do christenings once a month and there is no age limit for a christening, you can schedule it at any time. However, you should pre-order christening cards in Birmingham several weeks prior to the event so you have plenty of time to order them, receive them, and then mail them out.
Consider Printing Your Own
Instead of having customised cards printed by the greeting card company, you can purchase the design, download it, and print out cards yourself. This will allow you to print as few or as many as you need for the event that you’re inviting people to or for sending out in thanks for the gifts that your child received.
If you only need a few greeting cards, this can be a quick and economical way to customise them. However, if you need several dozen, it can be expensive due to ink costs and you would save money by allowing the company to print them for you.
Search Wholesale Sites
Many wholesale companies often have greeting cards on their websites that you can order for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. However, when you’re looking at the cards they offer, make sure to check for a minimum order amount. Even though they are cheap, some wholesale companies may require minimum orders of 3,000 cards, which may be 2,900 more than you need and they will end up costing much more than if you had purchased from other greeting card websites.
You can save money by purchasing wholesale greeting cards online but check for minimum purchase amounts and the time needed to have them customised and delivered to you before sending in an order. Be realistic in your expectations and allow plenty of time between ordering the cards and getting them sent out in the mail to invite family and friends to the scheduled event.