Outstanding Jewellery Choices: A Rare Gem Indeed

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Chances are that you haven’t heard of this rare gem. If you have, you follow this subject more closely than the vast majority of people in the world. The stone now used in jewellery is naturally occurring silicon carbide and the crystals of that material. Considered a rare mineral, it’s been known as a separate substance for more than a century.

It’s been used extensively in commercial and industrial settings because of one key factor: hardness. But it also has outstanding properties in optical use and conducts heat rather well, making it even more popular in industrial and commercial processes. Early samples were thought to be diamonds because of the similarities on first glance. The name comes from the individual who first discovered the mineral while observing rock samples in a meteor crater. 


For more than 60 years, the only known source for moissanite was meteorites. However, later searches uncovered this rare mineral in diamond mines and in river beds in the western U.S. Some have continued to question its true nature as a separate mineral. In any case, it’s considered extremely rare. In recent years, the gem has captured the attention of the jewellery industry, primarily because it possesses a beauty matched by only a select few stones. 

Its qualities as a gem for rings and other jewellery are similar to diamonds with many considering the sparkle to be unequalled. You can learn more about this remarkable gemstone by visiting the website of a leading provider of rings that use this stone. Bands and settings are available in white or yellow gold or platinum. The gem has gradually increased in popularity in the last few years, especially for those looking for something beautiful and a unique in an engagement ring. 

One of the key elements in the popularity has been the lower cost compared to the most desirable diamonds. It’s possible to have the engagement ring you’ve dreamed of without emptying the bank account to buy it. In addition to the growing use in engagement rings, many individuals are choosing this stone for formal jewellery and cocktail rings, to cite just two examples. As you browse the site, be sure to look at areas such as the bridal collection for ideas. 

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