How to Get Dorthey Perkins Clothes for Cheaper

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Dorothy Perkins is one of the most popular women’s fashion retailers in the United Kingdom, with hundreds of stores located up and down the country. 

Not only does Dorothy Perkins sell a wide range of clothes from its own collection, but also offers various branded fashion products too. Their fashion lines are always up to date and following the latest trends while also offering value for money.

But just because Dorothy Perkins has competitive prices for their products doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to save money when you can! In fact, there are various methods that can be easily utilised to get you Dorothy Perkins clothes for cheaper.


Fashion retailers such as Dorothy Perkins are never far off from their next sale. This is because clothe shops require sales to help them get rid of aging stock, so in the case of fashion outlets it’s about reducing clothes from the previous seasons.

For example, boxing day sales are well known for offering incredible deals, but they actually serve the purpose of getting rid of older stock from winter and autumn seasons to prepare for the upcoming spring fashion lines. 

This means you can predict when most retailers will be throwing their sales, as they all follow similar patterns.

The two biggest sales are in winter (usually starting on boxing day) and summer (typically starting around June/July). During these sales, expect to find some of the biggest discounts on Dorothy Perkins clothes, and these two sales tend to discount more products.

Mid-season sales are more frequent, usually occurring around spring and autumn, although you will find some that pop up various points throughout the year. 

While the discounts still offer exceptional value, you will most likely find a smaller selection of clothes with money off, as fewer fashion lines tend to get discounts during mid-season sales. 

Not sure of when Dorothy Perkins next sale is due to start? Then why not sign up for price alerts that will notify you as soon as the discounts start rolling in?


Dorothy Perkins offer a wide range of discounts and promotions, usually in the shape of vouchers and coupons. This means you can find Dorothy Perkins savings at many different websites promoting vouchers and coupons!

There’s no shortage of online coupon websites, so it can feel a little daunting when trying to look for some deals! However, there are quite a few reputable sites such as,, and 

Using sites such as these will provide access to endless great promotions and deals that will let you make all kinds of savings on clothes from Dorothy Perkins. These range from standard discounts (e.g. 20% off selected lines) and actual gift vouchers to other handy promotions such as free delivery on online orders.

Claiming these vouchers couldn’t be easier, as most will just need some basic information and your email address. Many don’t even to be printed out as they can be scanned directly from a smartphone when in store.

Keep an eye out for fashion magazines too, as many of these will offer special discount vouchers and deals from Dorothy Perkins!

Email List

Have you signed up for the Dorothy Perkins email list? It’s one of the simplest ways to start saving as you are usually given a discount upon joining the mailing list.

Not only that, but it’s a fantastic way to get additional discounts and promotions down the line, as many exclusive deals will be sent out via the mailing list!