Quick Guide: Tips on How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring

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If you're looking for the right engagement ring and you're having trouble choosing, you're not alone. Most individuals find it tough to find the right ring for their partner. There are so many things to consider, from cut and colour to the number of carats. In fact, most people confess that choosing the right engagement ring was stressful for them.
Choosing an engagement ring shouldn't be stressful. It should be a chance for you to express your love through giving your partner a ring that they'll love and wear forever. Below are a few quick guide tips to help you find the right ring for your partner.
Outline Your Budget
First things first, you should determine a budget for the ring. While a common belief is that you should spend the equivalent of three months salary on the ring you choose, this is a myth. You should aim to choose and purchase a ring that is affordable for you and one that your partner will love. You don't need to break the bank to find the right ring.
Choose a Style
Next, choose a style. There are many ring styles to choose, from modern to vintage. Consider what your partner likes when you choose a ring. You can even consider their wardrobe when choosing. Are they more interested in all things that glitter or do they prefer minimalist fashion? There are so many ring options, but when in doubt always go classic. The classics are always sincere and in style.
Choose a Stone
Diamonds aren't the only jewel fit for an engagement ring. Any gem can make a great engagement ring, from sapphires to emeralds. You'll want to consider your partner’s tastes when choosing a stone. Also, you can often save money and get a bigger stone when you decide on a stone that isn't a diamond. However, if your partner really wants a classic diamond or you think they'll appreciate one, you should choose a diamond when choosing from engagement rings in Houston.
Choose a Cut
There are ten standard diamond cuts, but round is the most popular by a significant margin. Actually, by choosing a non-round cut diamond, you can save a lot of money on your ring. Princess and cushion cut are two popular, but less expensive examples of diamond cuts.
Choose a Metal
Metal matters. There are many different metals to choose from, including gold and silver. However, you aren't just limited to those two standard metals, there are tints and coloured golds, platinum, and more. White gold and platinum look very similar, but platinum is much more costly. You should consider what your partner regularly wears for jewelry as a reference when choosing metal type.
Know Their Size
Most women have ring sizes between 6-6.5 and men are usually 8.5-10. This is a good starting guide, but you want the right fit when talking engagement rings. You can use rings she has for reference, ask her friends or family about her ring size, etc. If you're still nervous about the size, don't worry. Just make sure the ring you choose can be resized, just in case.