Discount Hand Dryers Reduce Paper Waste

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Hand drying units are available for quick service restaurants (QSR) and hospitality venues such as hotel restrooms. They are used in washroom facilities in businesses and schools as well. The increased use of the devices indicates that people are concerned about reducing paper waste whilst increasing the benefits the dryers offer in terms of health and upkeep.
Reducing Restroom Maintenance Costs
After all, in today’s challenging economic climate, building owners, business managers, and facility supervisors are seeking ways to lower operational costs and overall waste. One area where they can gain savings is by reducing restroom maintenance costs. This is one area that needs to be emphasised as research shows that customers avoid businesses that do not have clean restroom facilities. 
Therefore, upgrades such as hand dryers not only improve energy usage but they also cut down on waste and enhance the appearance and sanitation of restrooms. When evaluating restroom fixtures, supervisors need to assess the technological advancements related to high-speed hand dryers as well as the escalating price of paper.
After all, the new generation of hand dryers for sale dries hands in about 12 seconds, or about three times quicker than prior models. They also use about 80% less energy. Heat levels can be adjusted for the quiet-running dryers too.
Why Paper Is Not Cost-Efficient
Paper, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly costly. On average, people use about 2.5 paper towel sheets when they dry their hands. If the cost is four pence per sheet, it can cost as much as 10 pence for a person to dry his or her hands. Multiply the cost by overall usage and the expense adds up rather fast. Not only that, offering paper for hand-drying increases the time spent restocking dispensers and cleaning restrooms too. Some of the wet paper is discarded on the floor and, worse yet, in the plumbing.
When it comes to sustainability, it may first appear that hand dryer usage is not advantageous. However, research shows that producing one tonne of paper requires as much as three tonnes of trees. By contrast, a hand dryer creates three tonnes less CO2 than the manufacture of paper towels.
Both health and food safety are constantly on people’s minds today. One of the ways customers judge the cleanliness of a commercial establishment is by assessing the condition of the restrooms. Today’s hand dryers complement other touch-free fixtures such as soap dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, and faucets.
When hand dryers are used, you immediately get rid of overflowing rubbish-bins as well. Studies show that the use of budget hand dryers can save a business as much as 99% in operational costs when compared to paper towel use. Therefore, the inclusion of the dryers removes much of the maintenance involved in a restroom’s upkeep.
So, if you want to save money and keep maintenance costs low, you need to review the dryers that are available for sale online. Models come in budget lines, performance units, and in high-end devices that are used to enhance a facility’s image.