Top Five Running Shoes You’ll Never Stop Loving

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One of the most common and highly recommended way of staying fit, perhaps for all age groups is early morning jogging. However, this is not complete unless you have a pair of good running shoes. These shoes not only give you the comfort while running but they also give your feet the ‘feel good’ experience. It is very important to spend some time before selecting the right running shoes. To help you in staying fit and healthy, we have researched and selected some of the best running shoes available in the market. Have a look!

1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32

Often getting high marks in this group, this shoe is very good for both high end running and jogging purposes. The manufacturer’s design of independent cables in the shoes applies uniform pressure to keep almost the foot in shape. This light shoe immediately gathered the attention of athletes upon its arrival in the market. Thanks to the soft foam and the effective midsole, the usual joggers were also attracted to this amazing pair of running shoe. So, as per our choice, this is a shoe that will do justice to your feet during your jogging and training times.

2. Faas 300: Puma Running Shoes India

No marks for guessing the salient features of this product from Puma. As said by many professionals, this is a great shoe for high end racing as well as comfortable running and jogging gear. The shoe is designed with neutral Cell technology that provides the extra flexibility and cushion for an effective running experience. The added advantage of these shoes is the all-round 360 degree reflectivity which helps visibility even in the low light conditions. These are the Puma running shoes Indiahas already gone crazy for dresses for parties.

3. Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 8
With the midsole made from half Eva EVA foam and body of the original Adidas material, this shoe is an instant favorite among the running arena. Made on the lines of traditional running trainings, this shoe casts ample space for foot with an extensive padding at the front for the added comfort. Bit high on the weight side, this shoe however has stood the trust of its users with all its other qualities. So, if you want to go for an easy to go running experience, this shoe will surely stand to keep your trust.

4. Brooks Adrenaline ASR 12 GTX

This shoe is an ideal choice for training purposes for all pro runners who are willing to compromise with the weight factor a bit. This shoe is designed on the traditional lines with thick overlays and high end upper design. This shoe is often considered a bit slow and hence is highly recommended for training and running stamina developing process. This can be used very effectively for long distance running and training purposes. 

5. Puma Mobium Elite Speed
A great piece of work from Puma, this shoe is a very good choice for heavy running trainings and long distance runs. The shoe is designed to give your feet the required cushion and protection. With the style which is often appreciated by reviewers, the shoe has a midsole that comes with an extra flexibility and comfort. Puma has also launched the second version of this shoe which comes with additional benefits for enhanced traction.  

Often, many people underestimate the usefulness the benefits of a good pair of running shoes. They want to stay fit and are willing to run as well, but try to go away with the issue of running shoes. Scientifically it is well known that whenever you are running, you are almost generating three times the usual force on your feet. The running shoes helps to absorb some of this force to keep your feet in shape and healthy. So, have a good pair of running shoes to avoid unwanted injuries to creep in between your health regimes. It is to be remembered that one need not be an ace runner to have a good sports shoe. If you want to run and stay healthy, you must have one!