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Popular C2C companies In Singapore

The world is experiencing an e-commerce boom. With the amazingly fast internet, smartphone penetration and a strategic position e-commerce are driving up throughout the world. South Asian Country Singapore is not lagging behind in this new market trend.

Today, not only are the Singaporean start-ups moving up to take the advantages while conquering their home market, but also foreign farms are welcomed in the Singaporean market. It has been estimated that the e-commerce market in Singapore would be valued at more than US$5.4 billion by 2025.

Today, along with B2C (Business to Consumer) companies C2C (consumer-to-consumer) are also making it a huge in the market. Here are few C2C companies that have set foot in Singapore’s rapidly expanding e-commerce market:


A consumer to consumer mobile and online e-retailer, headquartered in Singapore, was launched in May 2012 by Quek Siu Rui, Lucas Ngoo, and Marcus Tan. They claimed to be the first one of its kind in the market that provides convenience and accessibility for a user to purchase or sell their new or pre-owned items by simply using their smartphone devices or the online website.

A wide range of product categories like beauty products, books, lifestyle gadgets, baby products and even cars are bought & sold through Carousell. Recently, they have regionally expanded their business to seven countries.

They allow listing the items for sale in just 30 seconds & do not impose any fees or commission for listing or selling.  They allow country specific trading to avoid hassle, costs and risks. Buyers & sellers communicate directly for payment terms. Carousell doesn’t involve them in the payment process.

Often, users try to find Carousell Singapore contact number in their mobile application. Though there is no information available on Carousell Singapore contact number, still customers can connect through their email ID [email protected]


An e-commerce marketplace start-up, headquartered in Singapore, was launched in 2015. It claims to have created an experience that is easy, fast and safe for both customers and traders. It is the first e-commerce marketplace app in Singapore that incorporates the logistics and payment providers within its system.

Currently, they provide more than 26 million active listings and have a user base of 13 million across the region. Shoppe is all set to become one of the major players in the e-commerce market. Recently, they have expanded their operations within the Asian region that includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Shopee customer care hotline number is +65 6206 6610


Gumtree is a free online website that advertises classifieds along with traditional C2C trading. This website was launched in London in 2000 and has expanded to 76 cities in 11 countries including Singapore.

Gumtree Singapore has become one of the leading e-commerce website today with more than one million page views per day and above 10 000 new listings posted daily. They were primarily a web based platform; however, they launched their mobile app for both android & iPhone in 2014.

Gumtree Singapore App not only advertises classifieds but also provide a platform for users to sell their new or pre-owned items. They also allow listing of properties, jobs, pet adoptions and community/ business services.

The Advantages Of Using Speakers With Bluetooth

You have a vast range of choice when you are buying some brand new speakers. You can choose speakers that are fixed or portable. You might also want some speakers that you can submerge into the water as you are swimming in the pool.

You can have different speakers in different rooms of the house. Also, when you are having a party, it is a good idea to use some loudspeakers instead of your regular ones. This will create the maximum impact and everyone is going to be able to hear the music.

  • You should also investigate the possibility of having some Bluetooth-enabled speakers in your house.
  • This is going to make your listening experience much more enjoyable. What are the advantages of these speakers as opposed to ordinary ones?
You Can Listen To Music From Your Computer Or Phone

The high-quality range of JBL Bluetooth portable speakers allows you to listen to music from your computer or phone. This is useful when you do not want to fill up your house with lots of CDs and vinyl records. You will just be able to put your phone into a docking station and then it will link up with the speakers.

This can be useful if your house is already getting overwhelmed with records and you need a space-saving alternative.

You Do Not Need Wires And Plugs

The speakers run off their own power supply and do not need to be plugged into the mains to work. This means that you will be able to take the speakers along with you without having to think about whether they are suddenly going to lose power.

You Can Listen To The Radio

You can get radio channels through your Bluetooth-enabled speakers. This means that you can listen to the shows without needing to buy a specialist radio and you will not need to stream the radio through your computer at all.

You Can Lift The Speakers Easily

These speakers are designed to be extremely lightweight so that you can carry them wherever you go. They are not going to get damaged at all when you lift them because they are made to be durable. Even children are going to be able to lift these lightweight speakers with consummate ease.

You Can Have Extremely Clear Sound

The Bluetooth-enabled speakers are going to give you a clear sound which is vital when you are listening to your favourite albums or online programmes. You will have complete clarity, even if your back is turned to the speakers at certain times.


You should consider buying some Bluetooth-enabled speakers if you want to have a better experience when you are listening to music or your favourite shows. You can make sure that you have several speakers so that some will always remain in place and others are able to be transported around your house easily.

Choose speakers that look attractive as well as work efficiently.

How to get Armodafinil easily online?

If sleep disorders are causing a decrease in your daily production efforts, you might consider choosing to buy armodafinil. This medication can alleviate narcoleptic symptoms.

Most medications aren’t specially formulated to combat disorders like Narcolepsy. That’s why many patients choose to buy armodafinil as a solution to their lack of wakefulness. Especially when it comes to shift work, being alert is one of the top concerns for workers. When it comes to operating heavy machinery as well, armodafinil can be a lifesaver.

Forms of Armodafinil

A generic version of Armodafinil, Artvigil, can prove to be a reputable substitute for the sought-after drug. Not only does it provide much of the same effects and ingredients, but it can be easier to attain. Unlike Armodafinil, Artvigil can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.

There are pros and cons to purchasing Artvigil instead of buying armodafinil online. Obviously, the most outstanding positive aspect of purchasing Artvigil online is the fact that a prescription is unnecessary.  Artvigil can be acquired easily from foreign distributors, especially those located in India.

Now, the negative aspects of choosing Artvigil over Armodafinil is the fact that Artvigil is not FDA approved, but Armodafinil is, on the other hand. This means that if anything were to occur in a negative aspect, such as wrong ingredients or insufficient quantity, then refunds are impossible, just as legal litigation in the case of injury would also be impossible. This is why having FDA approval is so important.

Where do you find Armodafinil and Artvigil?

There are many online pharmacies that carry these medications. To buy Armodafinil online, you simply have to speak with your doctor first and acquire a diagnosis. Now, the diagnosis cannot revolve around cognitive issues, which is the secondary usage of armodafinil but must only be used in the event of sleep disorders.

With a doctor’s prescription, you can be assured of receiving a product that is FDA approved, not lacking in quality and insured to be exactly what the local pharmacy provides upon the prescription request.

Feeling lethargic?

In times of fatigue and restlessness, you can depend on armodafinil to provide an energy boost. This is included in the sleep disorder diagnosis, considering the objective is to provide wakefulness to be able to get the day’s priorities straight. In order to buy armodafinil, you must know your facts.

Whatever you choose to do, remember, there will be side-effects and you should be prepared to adjust to the changes that will occur when the medication takes its effects. You should also understand your level of drug resistance before taking too much of the medication. Some people prefer to take as needed and use the medication only when the situation seem dire enough to warrant the dosage.

With these facts, you can choose whether to buy FDA approved products where you have 100% knowledge of the medication’s ingredients, or you can purchase a lower cost product which has no insurance. Either way, the process is easy and legal. 

Is the belly button popping out a sign of pregnancy?

One of the obvious questions confronting the moms to be first time when will the pregnant button pop up belly button going  to emerge. If it is going to happen when will it happen? On the other hand we asked the mothers whether there is any cause of worry if their belly button does not pop up. Now let us find answers to a few questions.

First and foremost you need to understand on why your belly button pops out in the first place. The uterus is known to push the abdomen forward and the pressure that it puts on abdomen forces the belly button to move forward and protrude. The uterus is at a rapid expanding stage, which pushes forward at around 26 weeks of pregnancy. But in the cases of some women who are outie and are skinny this can occur in the second trimester of your pregnancy. This is that stage where a women discovers a protruding navel or a pop pregnant button as well.

There is nothing to do in such situations, as a popped up belly button is inevitable and harmless at the same time. This is whether you had an inverted or an outie belly button to begin the process. It is suggested that it will get back to its regular position after a few weeks of your pregnancy, though it may look a bit lived in or stretched out. Just take note of the fact that it is a badge of honour which you can flaunt proudly. In the event of your belly button not popping out there is no cause of worry as well. A lot many women have not had their belly buttons popped up and this is considered to be a normal scenario.

Do take into consideration that the gender of the baby has no correlation with the belly button. But one aspect to worry about is that a popped up belly button paves way for umbilical hernia. Some women tend to have a small opening or hole in the wall of their abdomen during pregnancy. During the stages of pregnancy or excessive gain of weight, it does put stretch on the abdominal area causing the hernia to become more noticeable. Once the hole becomes so big that the tissue can pass through it, the hernia tends to become more painful and a bulge in the umbilical area is witnessed. In most of the cases it is suggested that you wait till the time when you are no more pregnant to repair the umbilical hernia. If the hernia does go on to become incarnated, it would mean that the tissue is trapped in the defective area and it cannot be repaired. The only viable option in such cases is surgery.

It is not only that a popped up belly button is the major symptom of pregnancy, there are other symptoms associated with pregnancy at the same time. Do pay due attention on your diet at this point of time.

The Electrical Goods That Can Be Installed In Your Kitchen

When you are renovating your kitchen, you need to think about updating all of your appliances as well. This is going to make your kitchen much more efficient than it used to be.

Whenever you are buying a new appliance, make sure that you compare several different makes. This allows you to choose the best without having to compromise at all.

Which electrical goods can be installed in your kitchen?

A Brand New Fridge

You might want to buy a brand new fridge from electrical shops near me in Leicester to replace your old one. This new fridge could have lots of different compartments for your food. You should check to see if the fridge has a freezer compartment as well.

Some fridges are equipped to make ice cubes, which is perfect when you need cold drinks on a very hot day. The door of the fridge should always be very easy to open.

Choose a freezer that has a long warranty period.

A Brand New Freezer

You might need a brand new freezer because the old one is not working very well or you want something much more aesthetically pleasing to benefit the kitchen. You should check the temperature gauge on the new freezer as well as check that there is going to be enough space in the freezer for everything that you would like to buy.

The freezer should be extremely easy to operate and the temperature gauge should be very sensitive. The door should not stick.

Choose a freezer that has a long warranty period.

A Brand New Electric Cooker

The electric cooker that is in your kitchen may not be working at maximum capacity anymore. This can have a direct impact on your ability to cook meals for you and your family. You can choose a brand new electric cooker that has some simple controls. You don’t want anything that is too complicated to use.

Choose a cooker that has a long warranty period.

A Brand New Dishwasher

Washing all of the dishes by hand can be quite time-consuming, especially if you have a large family and you use a lot of pots and pans. Instead of scrubbing by hand, install a quality dishwasher inside your kitchen because then all you will have to do after a meal is to load the dishwasher and then press the start button.

A Brand New Blender

The blender may not be working properly. This means that you should think about a replacement. You can select from a wide range of blenders. Check that the blender has enough power to be able to blend everything that you need. This is going to give you the ability to make soups and smoothies.


You can replace all of the electrical equipment in your kitchen whenever you need to, so make sure that you are buying them from a reputable dealership. These electrical goods are going to last you for a very long time. 

5 REASONS Hi Tech Decabolin Is Better Than Deca Durabolin

What is Decabolin?Decabolin is a prohormone precursor that converts to Nandrolone upon administration. With results and effectiveness better than testosterone, it gives better mass and strength with very few side effects. It contains 19-NorAndrost-4-ene-3b-ol, 17-one Decanoate as the active ingredient and is legal too.

For reasons like no direct aromatize or DHT due to its slight change in structure, it is the most famous supplement for body building. By attaching itself to the natural steroid hormones present in the body, its effects are also longer. What makes it a potent drug is the fact that its combination of anabolic properties of reduced estrogen and androgenic effect of side effects.  For the same reason, it is also safe.
With DecaBolin from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, one can expect a hard and dry look, increase in strength and lean muscle mass with no side effects of being harsh on the liver.

What is Deca Durabolin?

Deca Durabolin, also known as Nandrolone is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid that is derived from the most famous hormone testosterone. While it was initially developed to treat patients with anemia, it is widely used in the body building community for its muscle building and lean muscle mass.

It has the anabolic properties of increasing the ability of blood to carry oxygen that results in muscle building and nitrogen retention ability that helps in muscle growth. Apart from that, it also improves the density of bones and helps to relieve pains after a workout.

DecabolinVs Deca Durabolin

1. With the ingredients 19-NorAndrost-4-ene-3b-ol, 17-one Decanoate, it gives better results of lean muscle mass and increase in strength.

Deca Durabolin has the active ingredient Nandralone Decanoate which is a controlled substance and hence getting it could be a bit difficult.

2. Decabolin converts into Nandralone as it enters liver. However, it is not harsh or toxic on the liver. It also does not convert into estrogen which means there are lesser side effects. This also means that it does not need any cycle support. On the other hand, Deca can cause serious side effects of water retention, breast growth, and conversion into estrogen and DHT etc. which is not the case with Decabolin.

3. Made from Cyclosome technology, this prohormone is easily bioavailable which means the availability of its active ingredient is boosted. This implies that it has a prolonged release which increases the effectiveness of its active ingredient.

This means there are better results of muscle size increase, increase in libido and strength. This can be taken 2 pills per day. Deca has a slow-release due to its ester structure which stays that way for many days in the system. Hence, the injection form can only be taken once in 3 weeks.

4. Apart from this, it also increases the stamina, energy and endurance in you. This indicates that you will be able to work out longer and harder which should add to the muscle and strength gain.


Due to the difference in active ingredient and its structure, which contribute to most of the benefits of Decabolin and also considering the fact of side effects, DecaBolin from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticalsis sure the best option as compared to Deca Durabolin.

5 Reasons why Black Diamond Eternity Rings are Getting Popular by the Day

If you are a fashionista or a jewellery lover then, you must already know that black diamond eternity rings in 18 ct gold are getting popular by the day, and more and more women are wearing them across the globe. From famousmovie stars and celebrities to the girl next door, people are falling in love with this unique piece of jewellery.And trust me, there are quite a fewgood reasons why?

If you take some time out and search the internet, I am sure you will come across various online jewellery stores that sell black diamond eternity rings in 18 ct gold. But, let me tell you that purchasing from a random store may not a very wise decision, especially since it is quite an investment. It is wise to do some basis research about the company before making your choice. And yes, if you want to know why black diamond eternity rings are one of the “most talked about” jewellery pieces currently, consider the following

·         It is different – Black diamonds, in general, are rather special as they do not belong to the group of precious stones.   They are real diamonds and appear black because due to the heavy inclusions, light cannot escape. An eternity ring made of these precious stones has a beautiful and mysterious appearance, which makes it really eye-catching. The best part is that it can easily stand-out even if worn with a lot of other rings.

·         It is a Great Gift – A black diamond full-set eternity ring makes a great gift. Whether it is a birthday, mother’s day, anniversaryor some other occasion, black diamond eternity ring in 18 ct gold will make any recepient happy. Some people even consider buying them as an engagement ring. In recent times, it is given as a push present too. This is one of the main reasons why these dazzling pieces of eternity rings are gaining popularity by the day.

·         Black Diamonds are a Trend – Well, let’s get this straight; we love to follow what is trending. And, in most cases, trends are set by glamorous celebs. There are so manymovie stars and singers who have been recently spotted wearing black diamonds. And hence, sporting black diamond jewellery has become a trend. So, if you want something made of this beautiful and classy stone, a full-set eternity ring should top your list.

·         It has a Timeless Appeal and Sophistication – If you are in love with classy and elegant pieces of jewellery, a black diamond eternity ring in 18 ct gold should definitely be your choice. They look smart, timeless and sophisticated, and are simply perfect.

·         They Are Easy to Maintain – Black diamond eternity rings are actually quite easy to take care of as well. I would suggest you get a professional cleaning and polishing done at least once a year, and apart from that, make sure it doesn’t get in touch with any harmful and harsh chemicals. Use a soft clean toothbrush along with warm water for taking out the grime and dirt once or twice a month. And yes, do not commit the mistake of rubbing it vigorously.

So, now that you know why black diamond eternity rings in 18 ct gold are gaining popularity, why delay any further? Simply add one to your collection and admire the dazzling band every time you look at your hand.

Author Bio: Camilla Parker is a jewellery designer-cum-blogger, who is quite well known for her blogs on full eternity rings. To know about choosing a black diamond full-set eternity ring, read her blogs. 


Ethernet switches are one of the most basic networking devices that can be used for processing and forward the data to end point. Ethernet switches can be connected to various devices on the same network by using packet switching technology. It makes it simple to receive and send the data that is processed thoroughly through the packet switching techniques. A few decades back, electronic switches are common in use, which can spread the data to all the switching ports. Once the Ethernet has grabbed the market, it is widely used for broadcasting data to a particular port. The single fixed switch is used for small office while Ethernet is used for both medium-sized as well as large sized network.

Types of Ethernet switch

The unmanaged switch is much like a basic switch, which has no user configuration. This switch can be used only when the device is plugged in. Hence, it is used only in small scale and medium sized company. In case of the large company, managed switches are properly configured to adjust the speed, size to monitor the network activity effectively. Ethernet (10/100/1000) switches are the one which has low-speed devices that can support devices with limited speed such as 10 Mbps and 1 Gbps. Nevertheless, with the advancement of technology in the electrical world, Ethernet devices are capable for supporting high-speed devices using the packet switching techniques.  Juniper afi vs afo is such a device that offers a lot of benefits for the customers. Ethernet QFX5100 and EX2500 are popular Ethernet switches.

Benefits of Juniper Ethernet switch

·         In general, some of the major network services like Network Address Translation and Routing Encapsulation are managed by other electronic devices such as firewall and router. Fortunately, Juniper switch is more capable of performing both the process without any performance loss. This is an ideal for cloud and data center services. This amazing switch brings new features every time.

·         This Juniper QFX5100 is working great when it comes to QFabric process since it might be used as the main node in QFabric architecture. This node is added to the architecture just for the lower latency and overlay networking process.

·         The interface of this switch supports 1GbE, 1o GbE, and 100Mbps. Further, every interface can support fiber or copper connectivity. By using a strong breakout cable, any high-speed cable interface can be broken into fewer interfaces.

·         The junior EX25000 is much more beneficial for maintaining virtualization control panel. It can make use of Sandy Bridge host. Junos is an operating system that can run on the virtual machine, which takes all the benefits of ISSU.

 Techpillar is a top- notch leader in making the high-quality electronic devices such as switches, hub, protocols and much more. From the name itself you can clear that this company is rocking in the electronic market. It is backed by the experienced technical experts who can assist in choosing the best product that suits the need and requirement of the customer. If you google for getting electronic switches, then there might be hundreds of thousands of website choices to choose from. Nevertheless, you never miss out tech pillar when you opt for getting high-quality electronic devices.