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The Most Interesting Anniversary Gift Ideas for that Special Someone

One of the most important events of life is undoubtedly the anniversary. This is the day when you started a new journey with a very special person who with his/her love and care have changed you to a considerable extent. The best thing is that you cherish this beautiful change in yourself. With time you come to know more about each other. You really want to shower all the best things in the world on this person and here are some of the best anniversary gift ideas that you can opt for.

Personalized Cushion and Lampshade: A personalized gift becomes more than just a gift because of the inclusion of the lovely images. Select some of the best couple pictures and get a personalized cushion and lampshade made out of them. Expressing love and romance have never been easier! There are many online gift portals where you can prepare these beautiful anniversary gifts online and delight your sweetheart on your special day.

24 Karat Gold Rose: A naturally occurring rose with fragrance would wilt in a few days. But a rose made from 24 Karat gold would always remain as it is till eternity. Gold is one of the most precious metals whose shimmer is the real reason behind its immense popularity. A gold is as precious as your feelings of love for your lady love. Wrap this ecstatic gold rose in a classic black gift box and add much exuberance to your moment of anniversary.

Diamond Ring: Any woman would be flattered with this gift idea. As per the biggest brands of diamond jewelry, a diamond is a woman’s best friend. The glitter and prestige of a diamond are timeless just like your love for that very precious lady. If she has changed you and plays the most significant role in your life, don’t hesitate to surprise her with an elegant diamond ring on this upcoming anniversary.

Heart-Shaped Bouquet of Red Roses& a Heart-Shaped Cake:Love generates inside the heart. That’s why the shape of this heart plays an important role when it comes to expressing feelings of love and romance to that special person. On the other hand, a flower is often the most romantic gift for its breath-taking appearance, soothing fragrance, and an alluring approach. You can opt for a heart-shaped cake in red velvet flavor and simply mesmerize your lover. Red is the color of passion and romance in love and this special anniversary cake would ooze out only your heart’s truest feelings. This combo would usher in a freshness in your relationship.

Update your look with the right fashion accessories

Are you keen to update your appearance with regards to fashion? If yes, then try to experiment with both the latest fashion trends in clothing and accessories alike. In fact fashion accessories of late has gained enough recognition. But most people are not aware how to use the fashion accessories in the right way. The word fashion accessories in the real sense are quite broad and comprises of a lot of products. Akin to fashion clothing pieces the fashion accessories also are available in almost every style, shape and size under the sun. The good news is today fashion accessories are available for teens, children, women, men, plus and petite sized individuals.
Some major fashion accessories

  • Jewelry- Jewellery is one of the most popular fashion accessory. For children and teenagers, fashion jewelry, mostly
  • includes oversized
  • pieces in lovely colors and also charm bracelets and charm necklaces. A popular jewelry piece for men includes big pendant necklaces and for
  • women some popular fashion jewelry pieces include pins, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and watches
  • Handbag- this is another important fashion accessory. While a purse can be trendy, but it is actually a handbag which
  • acts as a status symbol. It is available in assorted styles and colors. To update a handbag each season is a relatively affordable and easy means of updating one’s whole look.
  • Travel bags- this also falls under fashion accessory yet differ from handbags because it is made for both the genders.
  • It is basically a small bag which is used for carrying luggage.
  • Shoes- shoes also fall under fashion accessory. Women’s shoes for the majority are considered a fashion accessory
  • because these come in endless colors, styles, materials and shapes. Shoes play a very crucial role because it can either compliment the dress or spoil its look. A lovely dress will lose its charm if paired with the wrong pair of shoes 
  • Belts- last but not the least comes belts. Men and boys use it for a proper fitting of their trousers while women
  • wear it to enhance the look of their jeans or dress.

Just as selecting the right fashionable outfit matters similarly choosing the right fashion accessories also matters. It is important as it can help in illustrating culture, demonstrating beliefs and values and is also a great means of highlighting the favorable cosmetic attributes. Fashion without accessories is indeed incomplete. The modern day fashion stylists and designers are coming up with unique  styles of toe rings accessories for both the genders and all age groups to help them look their best. Today fashion stockings  accessories are easily available in retail stores and online outlets as well. Simply browse their collection and order a piece that you like and get it delivered at your doorstep. Fashion accessory pieces are true statement pieces which can also reveal one’s personality at its best. Be it spicing up the wardrobe, or adding the perfect touch to your appearance there are some fashion accessories that we really cannot do without.

How To Take Care Of Sensitive Skin

There are many people who have sensitive skins. Sensitive skin reacts with household or skin care products when contact with the skin. Generally, it causes some problems such as burning, cause stinging, redness or tightness.
 Besides these problems, there is another problem when the skin doesn’t show any visible reaction but people feel uncomfortable. Here, we’re going to talk about sensitive skin, its problems, what to do and also suggest some product for skin which can give you relief.

Skin Complaint 01: Red Blotches

Symptoms: When you see bumps, blood vessels, oil glands and find the thick skin on cheeks, nose, chin or all sing point to rosacea, it means you have a sensitive skin and you got attacked with red blotches. Over 16 million Americans suffer from this skin problem.

What to do: To get relief from this, try to use soap-free ingredients which act as anti-inflammatories too. For an example, algae, licorice, colloidal oatmeal etc.
You can use treatment of steer clear spa, forgo rough facials and microdermabrasion. Avoid any kind of acidic skin care treatment of ingredients such as glycolic acid & surprisingly, Vitamin C. Take foods that are enriched in probiotics. 

Suggested Products:
  • First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask (Soothe flare up with it);
  • L'Oréal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Anti-Redness Cream (Neutralizes splotches);
  • Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Cleanser (Combats with blotchiness without drying skin);
  • PCA Skin Anti Redness Serum (Contains brown & red algae and provides moisture).
For your sensitive skin, you may apply microbiome skincare to your skin which is effective and helpful to any sensitive skin. But if you feel a major problem, then it’s the best idea to contact a doctor or specialist.

Skin Complaint 02: Breakouts

Symptoms: When you see pimple pop up in that way they did prom before or you’re well beyond the puberty. Acne occurs for various reasons like lack of sleep, stress, oil gland’s over-activity or for comedogenic products.

What to do: If you get pimples after using a specific product (makeup), then stop it immediately. Stick the skin with a mild cleanser. After then, use spot treats with salicylic acid, it helps much. Take treatment with sulfur. It inhibits breakouts and draws oil out of the blocked pores. And don’t forget to moisturize the skin.

Suggested Products:
  • Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 (Made with 5% niacinamide in order to reduce acne);
  • Mario Badescu Drying Mask (Uses calamine to prevent irritation & Sulfur to dry breakouts up);
  • Olay Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin (Contains 0.5% salicylic acid and fends breakouts off).
Skin Complaint 03: Super Dry Skin

Symptoms: If you feel tight skin and sandpapery texture, then you have a dry skin, simply dehydrated skin. It happens because of lacking water. Avoid too much alcohol. The dehydrated skin is temporary but dry skin is permanent. You may be born with dry skin.dry skin is unable to produce enough oil and it needs moisture.

What to do: if you wash your skin daily two times, consider to do it at night and use a gentle cleanser which is soap free. Keep the skin care simple and regimen. Avoid alcohol and scrub. You may use an overnight mask once in a week.

Suggested Products:
  • Cerave Skin Renewing Night Cream (Contains peptide complex, supports skin elasticity);
  • Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Overnight Firming Mask (Contains ceramides, hydrates skin while sleeping);
  • Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing water (H2O free cleanser, absorbs oil & dirt from skin);
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream Extra Dry Skin (Contains heavyweight moisturizing hyaluronic acid).
Skin Complaint 04: Allergic Reactions

Symptoms: If your skin freaks out with several skin care products, then it considered as an allergic reaction. In this problem, your skin doesn’t agree with any product and shows reaction. If your mom has an allergic problem, you may get too.

What to do: Mix milk and warm water equally and soak a cloth in it. Now, place it on the irritated areas. Aloe & cortisone cream are helpful too. Sidestep the sugary foods and try to take zinc-rich foods such as beans or cashews.

Suggested Products:
  • Simple Protecting light Moisturizer (Contains bisabolol, soothe skin reactions);
  • Jason Gluten Free Facial Cleanser (Contains ascorbic acid, deflate the inflammation).

Skin Care Treats for Valentine's Special!

Nothing says ‘Happy Valentine's Day’ more than juicy strawberries, rich chocolates, and fragrant roses. But that's not all they do. These sweet and aromatic treats, while a delight for the heart, are also perfect for some delectable skin care in this season of love.

So, before you bring out those hot rollers and put on the perfect cat-eye make up, consider swathing your skin in the season’s favorite treats to get that killer glow for an evening of V-Day fun, frolic and romance.


When it comes to Valentine's Day, you can't go wrong with roses. As a skin care ingredient, this robust flower works wonders for your complexion. It is packed with antioxidants, Vitamin C, and essential fatty acids that help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. Rosehip oil, extracted from the fruit of the rose plant, has anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes irritated skin and damaged skin while also restoring elasticity.

So prep your skin with a hydrating mask made of rose petals before you head out for the night. Or slap on a rosehip oil DIY mask made from yogurt, honey, and turmeric to get that silky smooth skin. After all, who doesn't deserve to be showered with roses on Valentines Day, right?


A big box of chocolates is yummy, but that’s not all they are. Those delicious bonbons are meant to be savored, but aside from pleasing your palate, this favorite symbol of love and romance can give you luscious lips and glowing skin too. Infused with a healthy dose of antioxidants and bioactive compounds, chocolates can make your skin smooth, hydrated, and youthful. The flavonols present in them protect your skin against sun damage, improves blood and increases skin density.

So, go on, whip up a quick masque by mixing melted dark chocolate, yoghurt, and honey and slather it all over your face. Or, mix castor sugar, olive oil, and cocoa powder and give your lips a nice rub with them every few days to make them soft and supple.


Up all night planning the perfect Valentine’s for your darling? How do we know? Well, those dark circles and dull skin are a dead give away! Lucky for you, not only are strawberries a tasty and romantic treat, they're also rich in vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and alpha hydroxy that are incredibly beneficial to the skin. Thanks to their astringent properties, strawberries help reduce puffy eyes and maintain a youthful glow.

Oh, and did you know that strawberries contain more Vitamin C than oranges and grapefruit? Or that Vitamin C helps fight free radicals that are responsible for fine lines and saggy skin? So gorge on them tasty berries to stall the signs of ageing while celebrating an incredibly romantic Valentine’s Day with your partner. Or whip up a moisturising face mask by mixing mashed strawberries, honey, and fresh cream for skin that looks younger than you are!


Looking for an au naturale way to get a killer pout this V-Day? As it turns out, this aromatic spice is one of the main ingredients in lip plumping products. That’s not all, cinnamon can help reduce acne, open the pores, and increases blood circulation, giving you a soft, rosy glow.

So, the next time your acne decides to make an appearance, try this quick DIY mask by mixing honey and cinnamon to keep those breakouts at bay.
Valentine’s Day isn't just about you and your partner. Your skin deserves extra love and care too. Pamper your skin with these indulgent skin care treats to help you ace that Cover Girl look for the big date night. And don’t forget to have a great time! 

 Ms. Anupama Arora, a Senior Consultant at Skin Alive, has nearly two decades worth of experience under her belt. With her background in nutrition, she is able to take a comprehensive and holistic approach to aesthetic dermatology. In addition to providing counselling on skin related issues, antiaging, and weight management, she also recommends diet and lifestyle changes to her clients, so that they’re able to live a more fulfilling life.

Guide To Buy The Best Guitar Strings Online

Are you a music lover? Now a days we can find a wide collection of music instruments available in market. But it is very important to get thorough knowledge of it before buying that thing and select the right one among them. Here are a few tips to help you find your best guitar strings online.
guitar strings online

Types of Guitars and Strings:

Guitar is one of the important instruments used in musical concerts. It can be worn around your neck from shoulder. There are different types of guitars and each has its own strings. One of the major factors related to guitars is the material of the strings. There are total 9 different types of variety of sets available in the market. They are namely: Acoustic, Electric, Nylon, Metal, Blues, Bass, Ukelele, Mandolin and Banjo.

In the same way there are two types of guitars commonly used for any musical concert. First is the Classical guitar which sounds better with nylon strings and the second is the Acoustic which sounds better with the steel strings.   

It is always important that we need to check certain things before buying a Guitar, like material of the strings, winding, and gauge. Then determine the type of string which suits your better. Each and every guitar has its own strings and for some they are inter changeable. Choosing wrong one might damage your instrument. That’s why it is best to first choose the right one and then go with it.

Every guitar has a bridge and is fixed by anyone of these ball end strings or the strings which can be tied at the end.  All the steel string guitars use the ball end strings and the nylon string guitars can use both of them.

Different Guage Ranges:

The guage is also one of the major concerns related to this instrument. It is nothing but the diameter of the string ie., how thick it is. They tend to change when the guitar is played and produce sounds. For any beginner it is difficult to understand the rhythm, but as and when they start playing it they get used to the sounds made by it. It is known that the strings which are lighter in guage are easy to play but have chances to break in between when played. The Beefier strings are of fuller tone, they are louder and long lasting, hard to break. So it is best to choose the heavier set rather than the lighter ones.

Any guitar has a stanadard guage measurement. They are categorized as the following:

  • Extra light: .010 .014 .023 .030 .039 .047
  • Custom light: .011 .015 .023 .032 .042 .052
  • Light: .012 .016 .025 .032 .042 .054
  • Medium: .013 .017 .026 .035 .045 .056
  • Heavy: .014 .018 .027 .039 .049 .059

Come lets choose the best and perfect guitar strings online which suits the instrument and sounds better to hear. Whether it is the heavier ones or the lighter ones, they should be easy to play by your hand and give soft music.

Top Men’s Chukka Boots 2018

Chukka boots are the leather boots that go up to your ankle, made with leather or rubber soles and open lacing made up of two to three eyelets. A versatile pair of shoes, chukka boots can be worn with a suit or with a casual jeans and shirt look. Men’s chukka boots are rounded at the toe that softens the look of the functional boots that has become a favourite in the male London fashion scene.

A variation of the chukka boots are the so-called desert boot that are made with suede material and have crepe rubber soles. The desert boot was popularized in the 50’s by the C & J Clark shoe company. The desert boots were inspired by the footwear worn by British soldiers during the second World War, and well-liked for their simple no-frills design. Both boot designs are celebrated for their timeless charm and proven durability over the years. Here are our top 5:
1.       Steve Madden “Harken” Leather Chukka Boot
The HARKEN chukka boots from Steve Madden are the cheapest on the list, going for 90 USD on their website. The leather material is very supple and not harsh on your feet, and lends a rustic feel to your entire look. The one-inch heel on the man-made sole is light on the feet. Perfect for the more casual days wearing your jeans but dressy enough to pair with khakis or chinos to a Friday casual office wear.
2.       Timberland “Lost History” Desert Boots
Timberland makes their shoes appear well-worn but well-maintained, with the Horween leather hand finished to perfection. The modern and contemporary style of the Lost History line ties together the traditional desert boot design in a neat bow using waxed cotton laces. The rubber heel gives you traction and flexibility.
3.       Timberland “Bardstown” Chukka
The Bardstown Chukka Boots from Timberland have the rugged but not ragged look of old boots with the refined architecture of modern-day shoes. The laces are made with organic cotton that makes tying your laces soft on the hands. The leather-lined footbeds serve as shock absorbers. Perfect for smart casual event that you have to attend for work.
4.       UGG “Leighton” Chukka Boots
The “distressed leather boots” are given an  upgrade in Ugg’s Leighton chukka boots. The two toned full-grained leather has the crinkled texture of well-worn boots but the comfort of the interchangeable insoles. The insoles can be switched back and forth between natural wool and traditional boot cushioning. The natural crepe sole is light on the feet, giving you an experience similar to walking on air.
5.       Clark’s Chocolate Brown Suede Desert Boots
The original desert boots were first made by C & J Clark, now known as Clarks, so it’s no wonder that they’ve furthered developed their iconic design. Their suede desert boots are held to a crepe sole and lined with leather material for a sturdy and trusty design. Clarks recommend that you use this particular desert boot in a casual or smart casual setting.

Shop the beautiful trendy dresses for ladies online

The online shopping for women dresses are now made available easily. You can now find the exciting and brand new collection of fashion for all women which can make the signature style attractive effortlessly. It is inspired well by the international and Indian runways.

Their online collection of the hottest and latest fashion is curated specially for all to select, match and mix, as per the personal style. You can now discover hottest best sellers of latest trendy dresses for ladies in the ethnic wear, winter wear, western wear and also some of the perfect intimate wear at one stop destination.

Buy all women dresses and suits online

These online shopping for women dresses include some of the showstoppers in the dresses and women suits for all fashion needs. You can also find perfect dress for night out with all friends, date night and some of the blazers for women too to attend big presentation.

They have handpicked coolest combinations for all in look book with trending looks that will completely rock your day. Well, brands are just the accessory for someone with great style. The catalogue for all women clothing includes the must have brands, you can check all of them today.

Few brands also offer the gorgeous must have suits to all women. They have best women dresses online which brings the best collection of dresses. They have all dresses which can make you attractive.

At these online shopping for women dresses site, you must know for them fashion comes in pocket friendly varieties; you are not required to spend huge money for getting the look. The best bloggers and fashion divas recreate the celebrity styles and all runway looks for digging out, matching and mixing the clothes or even buying all of them at cheap prices.

Style goals

Buy latest trendy dresses for ladies online. It is true that fashion comes from within and life is really too short for wearing the boring clothes. With inner beauty and women’s clothing collection, you can have the best dress for impressing your mate. You can find all clothes which can fit you well and flatter the body.

Teamed up with all right accessories, have the wardrobe ready for all occasions from date night, to family wedding, night out or sleepwear as well. There are many options available for exploring the women’s fashion clothing. These online sites have best combos in the traditional wear, western wear, sleepwear at reasonable prices.

These online shopping for women dresses sites come with hassle free return in case you are not satisfied with any dress. You can also get a chance to enjoy the irresistible deals on these sites. Their budget store offers the options of buying dress for all women at best rates.

Check out all varieties for the women’s apparel that includes all discounts on ethnic wear, western wear and others. Check out their variety of latest trendy dresses for ladies today and get most affordable price too.

Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean

For anyone who knows about vacuum cleaners, Shark Clean is not a new name. The company is known for quality vacuum cleaners including their efficient Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean which has been rated as one of the most efficient corded stick vacuums in the market.

When it comes to shark rocket model comparison with other upright vacuums, it is clear that this small unit has great cleaning prowess which makes it stand out in the crowd especially if you are looking for maneuverability and convenience.

Cleaning performance

Compared to other stick vacuum cleaners in the market, the Rocket offers some great results that will surely captivate anyone seeking for great suction. The unit has great convenience factor and does a good job on different surfaces.

The Rocket comes with ease of use and whether you are cleaning hard surfaces or carpets you will be guaranteed of efficiency. With one of the longest reach among the many different corded stick vacuums, you will surely enjoy cleaning your house without the need to unplug and plug-in with every single step. Rocket DuoClean can reach up to 33.5 feet.


The Shark rocket model comparison with other units as far as agility and maneuverability is concerned is also very impressive. The Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean has a swivel steering which makes it agile and maneuverable thus making it easy for you to clean even the tightest of floor areas with little effort.

You can easily store the corded vacuum using the wall mount bracket or even detach its heavier top part depending with your preference.  The Rocket weighs in at 10lbs which makes it a little bit heavier than other models. However, this does not affect its portability in any way.


The Rocket Complete DuoClean has several accessories and attachments that make it suitable for different cleaning needs. It is a handy unit for cleaning small rugs and bare floors. With the inclusion of soft brushroll, the vacuum easily gathers particles while the bristle brush whisks the dirt before being sucked into the air flow.

The Rocket has a strong motor which provides 2 great suction modes, one which can be used for cleaning small rugs and bare floors while the other is ideal for high pile carpets.


The Rocket Complete Duo Clean can be changed into a handheld thus making it easy for you to clean difficult floor surfaces and stairs. The nozzle is also equipped with some unique LED lights to help you spot any debris and dust concealed on the cleaning surface. When you do shark rocket model comparison with the earlier Rocket versions, you realize that the Duo Clean Shark Rocket is not that noisy

The Rocket has a 600 watts mortar which is 100W more compared to the HV320 series. It has a capacity of 0.25 gallons which is not different from what you get from the HV320 series. However, this is twice as spacious as what you get from HV300 series.