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Use Natural Face Masks Regularly for Excellent Charm

If you are a person who is specific about everything, that is a good thing. When you are careful about your clothes, food and gadgets; it won’t be a bad thing to be careful about your skin too.  A nice skin care regimen involves a number of diverse steps like cleansing, hydrating, toning, exfoliating, and so on. It Sounds like a lot right? But every step is quite crucial for beautiful, younger-looking skin. Luckily, with all of the natural products available now, keeping up with your beloved skin care routine is somewhat easier than you think.

When talking about cleansing, cleansing   or face care, you can easily find plenty of salon-quality Best natural face mask. These products are worth grabbing and can be of great value.  An amazing, pampering product for your beloved skin is a face mask. After all, there are plenty of different kinds of face masks, each having its own benefits, that to make use of one is like taking a journey to the salon. If you’re longing a little something additional from your skin care routine, then a natural face mask is surely the way to go.

Most of the face masks target a particular issue, and with all of the diverse options right from heating and mud masks to peel and scrub masks, you might easily apply a different kind to your skin every single day of the month. And since these products are natural, you won’t be facing any type of itching, irritation or uneasiness. And remember even though two different masks are designed to address diverse issues, they might contain similar ingredients. And these ingredients are not always safe to use every single day. But this is the case if you are using a general drug store purchase. If you are using a natural product, it might not be harmful for your skin. Actually general products do possess some chemicals that are not really good for overuse or otherwise too can be risky for your skin charm and beauty.

Is it okay to use occasionally?

Well, if you are facing really adverse condition on your face then you should use these face mask quite often but otherwise you can use them occasionally too. Exactly, there are plenty of natural products out there that can be apt for your face charm.  People are there who use the mask only when they are to attend a special event or a wedding. Of course, it makes sense.  It is because sometimes you don’t get enough time to apply and do the needed things regularly. But yes, make sure that you are not extending the time between two sessions so much.  At least you can give yourself a face mask session once in fifteen days.There are excellent natural masks like Angelina's Face Mask that have pure natural ingredients and are safe for your skin care.


So, you might have to spend a few more pennies on handmade face mask but the results would wipe away the ache of extra expenditure. After all, natural products always give you long lasting results!

The Unforgettable 90s: Awesome Indie bands of 90s that we need more of

Taking a slow walk down the meandering memory lanes that leads to the good old days of the 90’s, I am filled with a sense of glorious nostalgia and profound longing for the past. I hear faint sounds of those melodies jingles and funny TV shows at the back of my head, setting the stage for a walk to remember. Ah! What days they were! The easy-breezy lifestyle added to the austere mind sets of the people coupled with the magnetic TV shows and mesmerizing music, 90’s was undoubtedly the best of all times.

As we are stepping into a progressive tomorrow we are eventually leaving behind a lot of things of the past. It’s a good thing to move ahead however we can’t make that grave mistake of eliminating some lessons and inspiring moments from the past. In fact, it’s these striking memories of the good food, great music and inspiring stories that lend us the motivation to strive towards a better tomorrow. This statement fits apt to the indie music industry. There were some inspiring artists’ who had created a striking & memorable presence in the industry. When I think back to those days, I can’t thank them enough for laying the foundation of Independent music amidst that worrisome crisis of opportunities and platforms. Here is a list of some of the most inspiring and loved bands from the unforgettable 90’s which we need more of today!

#1. Band Of Boyz

The first all-boys band in India that swept all ladies of their feet with their cute and foxy looks, has given us chance to tap our feet to some of the most coolest songs of all times. Their first album – “Yeh Bhi Who Bhi” consisted of some of the swooning tracks that we still can’t get enough off! Check out one of our favourite song right here.

#2. Silk Route

The talented Mohit Chauhan whom we recognise today with his melodious “Yeh Dooriyan”, “Tum Se hi” or “Kun Faya Kun” had in fact, begun his musical journey with Silk Route. He along with Atul Mittal, Kem Trivedi, Kenny Puri and many others had created a huge buzz in the industry with their stellar tracks like “Boondain”, “Sunny Sain”, “Pehchaan”, “Dooba – Dooba” etc. The best part about the band was its use of diverse musical instruments that gave it a striking presence among its counterparts. Refresh your memories with this track right here.

#3. Strings

This ensemble of musical prodigies from Pakistan had acquired widespread recognition and fandom in the first few weeks of the release of their debut album – Strings. Even today, their poetic tracks and the stringed rhythms have inspiring fan-following and devotion. It can be rightly said that this Pakistani Pop rock band had laid the foundation of Pakistani Pop music and had created a wave of ingenuity and progressivity in the Pakistani Music Industry. Check out one of their best tracks right here.

#4. Aryans

Aryans can be rightly called as the first musicians in this industry who set the benchmark for Indie Pop Music scene in India. We still can’t forget that melodies tune and Shahid Kapoor’s youthful looks from “Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra”. Coming together from all parts of the country this band has an enviable record of more than 250 live concerts under their belt. Lend ears to a classic track of this band while you marvel about that time.

#5. The Colonial Cousins

The musical duo comprising of the musical stalwarts like Hariharan and Leslie Lewis had stirred an impelling furore in the industry with their album – Colonial Cousins. The album achieved the coveted feat of “Platinum Sales” in India alone. Their tracks were an expert styled fusion of Western and Indian melodies; and of course, the result was a fresh and off-beat rhythm that we would all fall in love with instantly! Listen to one of their top tracks right here and stir your pot of memories!

#6. Bombay Vikings

Remember the Hinglish version of “Woh Chali Woh Chali” or “Chhodh Do Aanchal Zamana Kya Kahega”? That perfect melodies blend of Bollywood and Classical music, “Bombay Vikings” was formed by Neeraj Shreedhar in the year 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden. I still can’t forget the stellar popularity of their debut album,-“Kya Soorat Hai”. The incredible mix of Indian and European rhythm in their tracks still leaves me speechless. Check out this popular track of Bombay Vikings right here and muse on a decade that can never be recreated!

#7. Viva

Heard the Song, “Kuch Khas hai” or “Jag Ghoomeya”? Did you recognise the Singer – It’s the talented Neha Basin from the magnetic Indie-Pop band Viva or Viva! This band of five gifted ladies formed in the year 2002 got split around 2005. However, we still seem to remember and cherish the songs from their albums – Viva! and Viva! Reloaded. Refresh your memories with one of their classic hits right here!

#8. Euphoria

This Delhi based Rock band spearheaded by Dr. Palash Sen is probably the pioneers in the Indie-Pop music scene in India. Starting from the year 1988 this band is unstoppable until now. Tracks like “Maaeri” or “Aana Meri Gully” or “Dhoom Pichak Dhoom” can never get old in our musical hearts. Lean back and lend ears to this splendid tracks right here.

Hence, these were the most lovable and compelling list of bands from the unforgettable 90’s whom we simply cannot forget or should not forget! Their music and the memories associated with them will always hold a special place in our hearts. In today’s faced paced life where new artists are mushrooming every-day, we need more of artists like them. We need these talented and youthful artists of this generation to look back and brim themselves with bouts of inspirations and motivations.

Why you should use a Charcoal Face Mask for Men

In our society, it’s a perception that looking beautiful and externally attractive is something that only women should be concerned about. Time has, however, changed and so has the thinking pattern of people. Looking physically attractive is important and desirable for both men and women. Women too desire to rest their eyes on good-looking and smart men.

Men, therefore, stop being lazy and take good care of your face with Charcoal Face Mask. When you look good, you feel good.

Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal is also known as activated carbon. Charcoal is basically a lightweight carbon that is produced by heating wood in the absence of oxygen. This is not used in beauty products like a face mask though. Instead of this, activated carbon is used that is produced mainly for medicinal uses.

 In the presence of a gas, this carbon is heated that causes it to develop multiple pores or internal spaces. These pores/spaces trap the chemicals. This residual product then is known as activated charcoal or carbon.

Bamboo Charcoal
It is said that for uses in beauty products, bamboo charcoal is also used. Regular bamboo is cut into tiny pieces, boiled, dried and carbonized in ovens for longer hours to produce bamboo charcoal.

Pores & acne issues of Men
Men too have pores on their skin like women. Their pores also might start looking bigger due to excessive oiliness and dirt trapped on them. This invites acne and rashes to attack their skin. Male adult acne is also triggered by excess secretion of sebum in the sebaceous glands, mainly caused by hormonal boost.

Some efforts need to be taken and a few minutes from the daily routine have to be managed for addressing these issues. Face mask and skincare products containing charcoal, which is a natural ingredient, can help saying goodbye to acne.

Benefits of charcoal
Charcoal enjoys popularity in the beauty world for its capability to erase dirt/dust from the skin surface in a strong yet appropriate manner. It is a quality addition to a man’s skin routine because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Fight blackhead issues
Activated charcoal can draw the organic impurities out of the pores that are responsible for developing blackheads. Blackheads are tiny black spots that develop on the tip of nose, along the side of nostrils, on foreheads and as such areas on face. They make one look unsightly.

An all-natural ingredient
This is an all-natural product and does not negatively impact the human skin, unlike artificial harmful chemicals used in face mask commonly now-a-days. It will not contaminate your bloodstream and disturb health, when absorbed through the  skin pores.

Balances oil secretion
Face mask containing activated charcoal can help in rubbing off all the excessive oil from the face. This makes a man look fresh and lively. A face coated with oil attracts more impurities to stay stick to the pores and suffocates the skin.

All these are the primary benefits of using a face mask or skincare product having activated charcoal in them.

Branded product
A brand does not enjoy confidence of people until and unless it has delivered what it promised. Opt for a branded charcoal mask as the market is also flooded with substandard quality charcoal face products. Those will do more harm than good to your face. Do online search, go through reviews and rates, consult friends/relatives to know the popular branded charcoal face masks. Go for the best and do not conduct experiment on your face.

To conclude, remember that your external appearance has a major contribution to your overall impression. It tells a lot about you than you can imagine. Take care of it.

Explore the Nature Beauty of Rajasthan by Choosing the Right Tour Package

Are you looking for the best place for the vacation with your family and friends? If so then the Agra is the best destination. It is because; it is one of the popular and well-known destinations in the world. There are many tour packages available but the golden triangle Delhi agar Jaipur tour package is the best option to explore the beauty of nature. The Golden triangle tour is one of the most popular and famous required tours of India. By this, the travelers or visitors can get the unique experience of the cultural diversity of the country.

This tour package has 3 nights and 4 days so the people can get more chance to travel around the most popular cities of India. The travelers can able to visit some extremely famous monuments as well as the culture of the country. Delhi is the capital city which offers the best mix from food to culture religion. The Agra is the best city to see the famous place of Mughal glory. And then the Jaipur is the variety of the Rajputana grandeur.

View nature of Rajasthan

If you decided to go on a trip, then the Rajasthan is the best and right option. It is because; it is one of the most well-known destinations in India. There are many popular places to visit in Rajasthan as well as many activities are also available there. The Rajasthan is located in the North-western part of India. There are many Rajasthan tour packages are available so choose the best package which suits your needs and budget.

Each package has a different cost. The tour package will help you to explore the beauty and nature of Rajasthan. To get the hassle-free trip, then the tour package will be more helpful and useful for you to plan a unique, thrilling and memorable trip to Rajasthan. Overall the Rajasthan is popular for its beautiful & amazing forts in the region. By the tour package, you can able to visit all places in the Rajasthan.

Popular places to visit in Rajasthan

There are many popular places to visit in Rajasthan. Here you can get some of the well-known places in Rajasthan


The Jaipur is one of the popular places to visit in Rajasthan. It is famous for heritage, forts, shopping, temples and cuisine


The Udaipur is known for city of lakes. The Udaipur state is the unique place in Rajasthan. It is popular for lakes, weddings, heritage and forts


Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan. It is also called as the Sun City. It is well-known for the heritage, cuisine and forts


The Jaisalmer is known for its architecture. The best time to visit this place is during the month of November and December. It is famous for heritage, Thar Desert.


The Bikaner is another popular place to visit in Rajasthan. It was founded in the year 1488. It is famous for its cuisine, heritage and Rat temple. 

There is no fax require for having payday loan

What happens when you have the situation in which you require an immediate financial emergency? What happens when you are not having enough money and you have to pay your electricity bill? If the gas is finished and you need to refill the gas, then what would you do for not having enough cash for getting your gas refilled? There are just few questions that can rise in any person mind. There is no doubt that one can have any one such situation or might face all of them. It is sure the immediate cash cannot be possible without diverting yourself towards payday loan. It is only payday loan that can help you out from such situation. But you have this system for short term only.

Get cash easily

The bills like medical, electricity, gad refilling or car repairs are daily expenses that one has to keep in mind. Such payments have to be paid at the same time. It is not possible that you can pay afterwards. It is the payday loan that is the best solution that you have today. In this type of loan no fax, no credit check or any bad credit history is required. Payday loan is the chance for standing on your feet again. It is very beneficial. One can return the loan in very short time and will not wait for long time for clearing the loan with all the rate of interest. One can make their life living in comfort zone. Thousands of people that are aware of such loan are adopting it. All these people are very much comfortable with the facility that they are getting.

Why Payday loans are popular than bank loan?

It is easy to get as compare to the bank loan. In bank there are lot of paper work and other formalities that one has to do. The bank takes lot of time for providing loan to anyone that is in need. But payday loan is ultimate because you are getting the cash at the same day of applying. Bank needs securities, guarantor, credit check and many other things. But in payday loan there is no credit check, no fax, no history about previous loan is required. In this type of loan, you just have to show your salary. You can get the advance cash in one single day.

Brown basmati rice- An essential cereal crop to add to the regular diet

Rice is one of the most amazing and favorite commodities, often complemented with a variety of dishes such as- Dal. Rice is mostly the favorite commodity of Indian cuisines. Indian people use to make rice on a regular basis. Rice is one such commodity which makes every meal complete and adds more deliciousness to it.

In India, there is a wide variety of rice crops grown by the farmers but one of the most popular and delicious ones are- Organic basmati rice

Basmati rice normally marks its root in India with an amazing and unique fragrance. Rice crops are often made to add more deliciousness in any kind of dish. Basmati rice is usually categorized into two categories based on its mill’s process including- organic white basmati rice and brown basmati rice. While the white basmati rice is completely different from organic brown basmati rice, as it contains the brain and the hull that makes it a more nutritious commodity.

Moreover, if you talk about the benefits of basmati rice, the brown rice will surely win the race in a number of ways. Here is the quick list of health benefits of brown basmati rice are as follows-

Rich in selenium

Selenium is the one such element which assists to minimize the risk of chronic diseases such as- tumor or cancer. Brown basmati rice is not only rich in selenium but also contains antioxidant properties that help us to fight against cancer. Our body always needs a small amount of selenium element in a way to make special enzymes and minerals as well.

Healthy food for diabetic people

Organic brown basmati rice is considered as the nutritious and healthy commodity. Brown rice is healthy for diabetic patients, as it contains less amount of sugar. Usually, doctors do not recommend rice to the diabetic patient because of sugar content but organic brown rice can be considered in this situation. 

Good for weight loss

Brown rice is the one such cereal crop that assists obese people to reduce weight. Brown rice is rich in fiber and helps to promote bowel movement as well.

Rich in naturally occurring oil

Organic brown basmati rice carries naturally occurring oil agent that is extremely important for the betterment and growth of our body. As the naturally occurring oil property make smooth functioning in the body. It assists to balance the cholesterol level which is highly important.

High in manganese

As it is known that our body requires sufficient amount of manganese for the proper functioning. So you can easily fulfill the requirement of manganese through organic brown rice. It is actually good for reproductive health as well as nervous system.

So if you want to enjoy the health benefits of basmati rice, go through the rice mill. The best super premium basmati rice can be the good source for the correct functioning of the body. You are required choose the right rice crops for better results.

Looking for a trading account? Check this

The share market is vast and offers numerous segments where one can make quick money if he has sufficient knowledge of the same. In case one hits the blind trade, it can prove as a boomerang and one may have to lose hefty amount but if one has right resources, accurate trading and perfect research, one can make end number of money here. The precondition for trading is one needs to have some basic concepts clear among which the research is the leading one. One must not go for any trade if he has no right information.

The knowledge:

Knowledge of any field is much required to be successful in the concerned market. The same golden rule applies here also where the trader needs to know all the benefits and advantages for the best stock trading in the market which can end into hefty profit at the day and month end. The most important tip here is about the so-called market tips only on the basis of which some people dump the petty shares to the true traders at low cost,and after their purchase, the market cannot recover,and hence one may have to lose money.

How to trade?

There are two ways of trading which depend on the type of trading account. The trading accounts are of two types which are known as offline account and online account.

In the offline account, one needs to dial the terminal operator and ask him to trade. One can ask him to buy or sell shares of specific companies in his account. The operator checks the account of the concerned client and follows the instructions. He can place the order,and if the order gets passed, he updates the client accordingly. In case the limits are set, he also acknowledges the same as per the situation. It is much helpful to the clients who do not have access to the system. For the clients who do not have time and knowledge of placing the orders can also go for this account. However, usually one has to pay higher brokerage in this type of transactions.

The other mode of transaction is an online account where the client can pass the transactions on his own. Here he needs to have access to the system by way of a computer or a smartphone with an internet connection. He can pass the transaction whenever he feels so sitting at his home or office as the case may be. One needs to know how to trade and place the limits in the live market using the software or application. The best part of this system is one can have low brokerage rate which means additional saving on every transaction. One can watch his account closely and also know the credit limit as well as balance and get more limit by asking the risk department. Here one can transact as and when he feels so as he does not depend on any operator or other systems.

Go with a discount broker for good returns

For a trader to have a right broker for effective trading is much required. There are doubtlessly many brokers who offer their services to a client. One must choose a service provider with much care and after knowing his requirements. There are full-service as well as discount brokerage service providers in the market. The trader needs to understand the difference between the services of both of them. Any brokerage house is able to be said a financial institution which puts investors as well as traders of the stocks in the capacity to sell as well as purchase financial securities. It is necessary to have two parties for the execution of a contract in which buyer who makes a long position holder and also the seller who can be said short position holder. Normally you can say that a broker performs the role of a mediator amid seller as well as purchaser and allows them to do trade on different financial securities. For providing this facility, the brokerage houses get recompense in the shape of fees or can be commissions when the deal gets executed. There are found two kinds of brokers as full- service brokers and discount brokers.

Traditional brokers

Full–service or traditional brokers can be said to be the oldest brokers working in the financial industry. They normally carry out much more than minimally playing a role of a mediator to perform the process of trading. Within the ambit of their facilities comes thorough researching pertaining to the stock market to proffer vital advice to the investors of the stock market. Very frequently such houses do provide margin loans additionally to some of their customers for buying investment on credit that shall be based on some conditions.

Discount brokers

The discount brokers or you can say online brokers take from their customers relatively cheap commissions as compared to the full - service brokers. The reason that can be counted to be working behind realizing cheap fee is that these brokers like wisdom capital make their customers execute a tradeby the way of automated, trading by the computerized system rather than interacting with a real broker who is able to aid the process of trading.

The method that these discount brokers utilize to proffer so cheap services is that the brokers perform orders just several times within a day. These brokers first of all amass orders that tend to be generated by a lot of small investors within single block trades that are formulated at particular times within one day. Below are given a few advantages of the discount brokers:

1. Any discount broker will not provide trading advice,but they put the process of trading in position for some low fee in comparison to a full – service broker.

2. Investors or traders found in the stock market who sell or purchase financial securities via these discount brokers bank a considerable sum of money on deals as well as commissions that adds up their wealth which they can again utilize for dong trade and make more money.